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Lehigh Valley Mall shootout, Police Still Searching For Suspect, No Injuries Reported

Lehigh Valley Mall shootout, Police Still Searching For Suspect, No Injuries Reported

On Saturday, the Lehigh Valley Mall in Whitehall Township went under lockdown around 5 p.m. Police received several complaints of shots fired on the lower floor near Modell’s Sporting Goods.

Jordan Cannon was visiting the mall from The Bronx, New York said “We were just ready to leave and I was going to go into the final store, and that’s when we heard three loud gunshots like right in front of us and everybody started scattering,”

In spite of having a massive police response led by Whitehall Township, the shooter is still at large once officers finished clearing the mall hours later.

Multiple Shots Fired At The Lehigh Valley Mall That Sent Shoppers Running For Life

A Shootout at the Lehigh Valley Mall that sent shoppers and staff running for life. Police moved closer to the building was under investigation Saturday evening.

There were “multiple” shots fired inside the mall just before 5 p.m., but as of 8 p.m., no victims or injuries were reported as police continued to search the building, Whitehall Township Police Chief Michael Marks said.

Arrests were not made and police did not give any description of any suspects at this time. Also, Marks asked for the local’s help to identify the shooter or shooters as they proceed to strain through surveillance footage.

What Whitehall Township Police Chief Michael Marks Has To Say About The Incident

Whitehall Township Police Chief Michael Marks said that their top priority is to make sure everyone is safe and secure and to get everyone together who were in and around the Lehigh Valley Mall area.

Marks said the shooting occurred on the lower level of the mall near Modell’s. The building was moderately crowded during the time of the incident.

People were asked to shelter in place as police reached the mall and gradually people were escorted out.

The Opinions Of The People Who Were At The Mall

People who were shopping in Lehigh Valley Mall in Whitehall Township said they heard shots. Soon they were being locked down in the businesses until police could lead them out. There are more than 120 stores in the mall, as per the website. A mall representative Jason Malik, commented on Saturday’s incident, “It was crazy, it was like a stampede,”

First responders from across the Lehigh Valley were called to the mall just off Route 22. The Pennsylvania State Police Special Emergency Response Team was called in, as well. Marks said investigators are going through mall surveillance video in hoping to identify a suspect or suspects. Additionally,  officers did find several shell casings showing evidence of the shooting.

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