Jose Pedraza returned, defeated Javier Molina in 10-round

Jose Pedraza

Jose Pedraza: Former junior lightweight world titlist Jose Pedraza returned to the ring for the third time this year.  He defeated Javier Molina in a 10-round junior welterweight battle. On Saturday night, the event was aired live on ESPN from the MGM Grand Conference Center in Las Vegas. At this point in his career, Pedraza looked very focused and dialed. Further, the 31-year-old out-boxed Molina with much ease and secured 98-92, 98-92, and 99-91.

Jose Pedraza: Winning strategy

Pedraza held a strong front as he out-fought Molina in the match. He constantly switched between orthodox and southpaw stances throughout. This move did not allow Molina to defend himself well. He became victim to Pedraza’s powerful punches all night long. Further, Pedraza started to box left-handed and strategically utilized quick in-and-out movement making the match tougher for Molina. He was not able to get a hold of Pedraza even once. Pedraza tactfully mixed up his punches rapidly and attacked Molina’s body and head. Later, his short left hand had a visible impact on Molina. He was clearly hurt in the seventh and tenth rounds. However, Pedraza tried to score a few more points, but Molina survived and held on until the final bell. This loss ended a five-fight win streak for Molina.

Pedraza’s career history

Pedraza, who is also known as the Sniper, won titles at 130 and 135. Recently, he moved up to 140 in 2019. However, Jose Zepeda managed to defeat him in September 2019. Nonetheless, Pedraza had put up a good fight back then. At that moment, his career seemed to be over. But, his dominant win over Mikkel LesPierre and now, Molina marks his ultimate return. Pedraza is now aiming at achieving the title victory.

Post Pedraza’s victory

After the match, when Pedraza was approached to comment on his win, he said,

They do name me the ‘Sniper,’ and that means I have to be patient, and when my moment comes, I have to take advantage of it. That’s what I did tonight because I was able to wear him down, break him down and make him fight my fight. It was the experience that I’ve had at the top level that helped me finally put it together. I’ve had the experience. I’ve had the talent, and it’s just on a night like this that I’m happy I could put it all together.

Currently, Jose Ramirez and Josh Taylor are dominating the junior welterweight division. Early next year, a fight between the two has been scheduled. Soon after that, Pedraza might get a chance to fight for the titles. Further, Pedraza expressed his wish to want to fight against the winner of the scheduled match and respectfully asked Jose Zepeda for a rematch. After his win over Molina, Pedraza could actually have a shot at winning the title!

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