Jo Malone London Founder Supports John Boyega after Ad Controversy

Jo Malone London Founder Supports Star Wars Actor John Boyega after Ad Controversy

John Boyega was in the middle of an advertising controversy with Jo Malone London. However, the founder came to voice her support. Although since 2006 Joe Malone is not with the company. She has expressed her views on ITV. Even considered replacing a black actor with some else a mistake. This is all with respect to the Chinese market. However, Boyega shot the advertisement in London. He celebrated his legacy and family. Also, the company chose hin to replace Liu Haoran. Though this is not the first he is facing such discrimination. He has been removed from advertisements various times. He even played down in a foreign market after completing a project. Although social media expressed their disapproval of the move. They even rallied around the Finnish actor. Boyega even expressed himself on twitter. He considered this as a mistake. After this, the brand apologized to him.

Another side

This is not the first time Boyega has fallen foul of editing for the Chinese market. There were various controversies. They were back in 2016. This all happened when Disney unveiled a re-versioned movie poster. These posters for the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens in China. But Boyega’s character shrank. This was in comparison to the original poster. The industry has discrimination against black actors. However, they have pushed aside. Various writers, actors, and directors praised him. They praised his emotional speech at a Black Lives Matter.


British perfume brand Jo Malone London issued an apology. They had apologized to John Boyega. This is for dropping an ad he made for them. Also, they had replaced him with a Chinese actor. He was given a title last year. He became the first male ambassador for the company. Boyega’s sister Grace posted the Chinese version of the advert. She has put it on Twitter’s response. Although the script is the same. The way it was originally conceived is the same. But the star is replaced.

They non-white actors face criticism in the industry. They are very big stars. But they also face criticism. This is not the first case of replacement. Though they are facing such things on regular basis. They need to protect.

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