Jim Carrey will play Joe Biden in new season of Saturday Night Live

Everyone is quite familiar with the skills of actor Jim Carrey. His comedy can tickle our every funny bone. Jim Carrey will play the Democratic Nominee Joe Biden in series 46 of Saturday Night Live (SNL). Now, this sounds to be interesting. It will be a great watch to witness Jim playing the character of Biden. I am sure all of us will be really excited about this.

Jim Carrey, prior knowledge

Jim Carrey is a Canadian-American actor. Moreover, he is also a comedian, writer, producer, author, and artist. In addition to this, the 58-year-old actor is quite famous for his energetic slapstick performances.

Joe Biden is an American politician. Further, he is a representative of the Democratic Party. Nowadays he is a tough competitor of President Trump for the further 2020 elections.

Jim Carrey will play Joe Biden in new season of Saturday Night Live

The legend takes up the role

Comedy legend Jim Carrey will play presidential hopeful Joe Biden. The viewers will get to witness this transformation in the 46th season of Saturday Night Live. In the second place, Carrey has hosted the show on several occasions in the past. He will return to the show at the beginning of its 46th season, which begins on October 3rd.

The show made a confirmation

After a lot of speculations, finally, it was confirmed that Jim will take up the character of Joe Biden. On Wednesday, the show announced having Jim as Biden now. They tweeted, “Jim Carrey is our new Joe Biden! ” This came as a mega surprise and people were very excited to know about it. The 46th season marks its beginning on October 3rd.

Getting into the shoes

Carrey will follow in the footsteps of Jason Sudeikis and Woody Harrelson. Both the brilliant actors have played the veteran politician in previous seasons of the famous show. In the second place, Carrey was never a part of the SNL cast. Also, Jason Sudeikis was renowned for his excellent performances as Biden. This political drama is going to be really engrossing.

A massive surprise

Indeed this is an enormous surprise for the viewers. The famous sketch show has attempted to recruit more outside talent in recent years. Also, the show appears to become more popular and relevant during election years. Finally, the 46th season is all set to return during the 2020 election heat. It’s definitely going to be really amazing to witness Carrey and his splendid performance.

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