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EL Super Clasico faceoff, America vs Chivas, Super Faceoff

EL Super Clasico faceoff, America vs Chivas

The most awaited match of EL Super Clasico Of Mexican Soccer took place on Saturday, September 19. The faceoff was set for America vs Chivas. It took place at the Azteca Stadium in Nido de Coapa. Significantly, Both the teams were in the battle not only to gain 3 points but for their dignity and the honor of conquering over the greatest rivals of each other.

Battle for the pride

This match of EL Super Clasico was not only meant for the points but it was also remarkable because the position of the contender did not matter at all for any of the teams. Each of the teams of America and Chivas went out yesterday to give their best.  Both the teams gave it their all with setting the only aim of achieving the three points of the match in their bowl and most preciously the highness and pride of a winner.

Due to the global contingency which has been created by Coronavirus, it played behind closed doors with no fans. As always this match was the most attractive and highlight match of the week and promised to be a show for its fans. It was aired through TUDN/Univision starting at 7:00 PM PST for easy access to the people and fans.

Rivals Opinions

Isaac Brizuela said before the day of the match that it is so classic that the team which is the greatest competitor, the two of them would be fighting to prove them better in addition to the history and the greatness of both. According to Issac Brizuela that was the main reason why it was the great match played on Saturday.

Under the supervision of Miguel Herrera, America was also looking to be positioned among the topmost positions on the table chart and was seeking to take the three points after going tied with Toluca in their last match of EL Super Clasico.  Miguel Herrera encouraged his team and said it with so much confidence that the team is going to conquer and is going to be victorious definitely.

Position of the teams

Under the series of EL Super Clasico Currently, America is in fourth place and is just two points away from the top spot. After good participation in the preseason Copa GNP for Mexico tournament, Chivas had a rough start to the season. Both teams have been struggling. Both are looking for their best position.

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