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Cayley Mandadi ’s murder case, Trial rescheduled

Cayley Mandadi ’s murder case, Trial rescheduled

The sudden demise of a young girl made citizens shocked. A girl whose life was full of smiles and love met her deemed mysterious end. Still, the case of her demise remains a mystery for the agencies and prosecution both. Recently a show was also aired on her life and its sudden end. Entitled as “The Final Hours Of Cayley Mandadi.” On CBC Network this Saturday.

Cayley Mandadi : The death that turned into a mystery

The story starts on the day of October 2017. A day that was going all well and full of love. The day which would surely have been full of memories for Cayley. Back then she was just 19. She was like a typical Texas teenager. Whose life was cruised around her school, home,  sports, and Friends say- “She was good and loving at heart.” While her mother always said- “Her daughter was a happy soul, Who always smiled”.

She was studying Communications at Trinity University, a small liberal arts college in San Antonio, Texas. In the fall of 2017, friends say Cayley finally felt like she was fitting in at school. She joined a sorority and was a member of the Trinity cheerleading team. She dated the star player of her college, Jett Birchum. But the relationship ended soon and Cayley was coming up with 22-year-old Mark Howerton. Who was a friend of a friend of Cayley. It all went well but in October 2017, The duo went to Mala Luna Music Festival in San Antonio.

The couple celebrated intensely, drinking and taking MDMA, a drug known as Molly. As per Mark-“Everything was well however things went topsy turvy when they met Cayley’s ex, Jett Birchum, at the celebration. The battle proceeded even in the vehicle and later, they halted at a service station to have unpleasant private minutes to make up. Shortly after it, Cayley halted breathing. And then he surged her to the trauma center. Minutes after doctors tried to save her, she was declared deceased.

Trial to be rescheduled

The wounds on 19-year-old Cayley Mandadi’s body were broad and upsetting. In photos appeared to a Bexar County jury, Thre young lady was for all intents and purposes unrecognizable with wounds head to toe. Yet, where did those wounds originate from — and when? It’s an inquiry nobody could concur on during the December 2019 homicide preliminary of Mark Howerton, Cayley’s beau at the hour of her demise.

The preliminary was centered around murder when it was being advocated in court back in December 2019, later the preliminaries were suspended in the midst of the COVID Pandemic. The retrial date for Cayley’s homicide case was set for August 21, 2020. Mark still stands with his view that he didn’t murder Cayley. We have to wait and watch, what the future beholds. Will Cayley get justice? Will the murderer go behind bars? It all in the future.

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