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US bans TikTok, Wechat and other Chinese apps for national security

US bans

The United States made a strong decision yesterday. Trump administration has decided to ban famous Chinese apps like TikTok and Wechat. Similarly, all the Chinese apps will be banned in the country. Due to this the process of using and downloading the apps won’t be accomplished. The downloads and updates of these apps won’t be available now.

The US bans Chinese apps

A massive decision was taken by the USA government. All China-owned apps will be banned in the United States. This includes famous apps like Tiktok, Wechat, and many more. The Trump administration will begin banning downloads and the use of popular Chinese apps late Sunday. It’s definitely a massive but also a necessary decision simultaneously.

chinese apps
banned chinese apps

Reason for ban

However, it isn’t clear yet that the ban is interim or permanent. A proper check and investigation will be carried out. As per the officials, the reason behind this sudden US bans is national security. Moreover, the security and privacy of the country is the primary concern. In the second place, the growing stress between the USA and China is also an anticipated reason.

Earlier India banned Chinese apps

A few days back India banned 118 Chinese apps altogether. The deteriorating border conditions are quite stressful. Likewise, the USA has also banned all China-owned apps. Moreover, the security concern was the primary reason for both countries. While the ban by India has affected China financially in a substantial manner. Besides this, the ban by America is finally going to hamper the financial statics of China.

Trump blames China for the pandemic COVID-19

American President has blamed China for this pandemic. Earlier he said, “China must be held fully accountable for its secrecy, deception, and cover-up that allowed it to spread the coronavirus all over the world.” Often he has intentionally renamed Coronavirus as the Chinese virus. It is believed by many that the spread of this virus was a secret attack by China. With an intention to counter the economies of various countries simultaneously.

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