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Tom O’Mara Has Renewed His Call For An Independent Investigation

Tom O'Mara Has Renewed His Call For An Independent Investigation

United States Senator Tom O’Mara (R, C,1-Big Flats) renews his call for an independent investigation. The investigation will witness New York’s COVID 19 reactions to impacting Nursing homes. The nursing homes have at least 6500 elderly New York Workers who are dead in the past six months. Tom O’Mara is a ranking member on the Senate Investigations Committee.

Senate GOP Co-workers and O’Mara introduce a new online petition. The petition enables constituents to aid in joining the fight for an unconventional inquiry. The petition is available on O’Mara’s Senate website O’Mara observes that the joint meeting didn’t bring out expected results.

Tom O'Mara Has Renewed His Call For An Independent Investigation

The joint meeting of bipartisan Senate-Assembly had hearings on Aug 3 and Aug 10. Omara mentions how with help from other legislators they are trying to look in the global pandemic situation issue in nursing homes since April.


O’Mara speaks how thousands of lives are lost and questions about it remain unanswered. The final counts would be of in-house Cuomo administration remarks. An independent inquiry has received Tom’s permission for looking into New York’s COVID-19  situation. The investigation is authorized and very crucial for families who lost their near and dear ones, as per Senator. The caregivers who put themselves in danger, to get better and safer policies in place have a right to justification, says Tom.

He assures he’s trying to provide the people with answers of how and when of the incident. In May, an in-house state Department of Health(DOH) report pops. The report throws the blame for the COVID-19 crisis in nursing homes on infected staff. Along with downsizing the critical aftermath of a March 25 DOH directive that several indicate too for having the necessary nursing homes. The nursing homes are vital to permit elderly COVID-19 positive patients that are getting discharge from hospitals and back to facilities.

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