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Ted Cruz now ‘Lyin Ted’ named by Trump, on Supreme Court Short List

Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz

The USA is the most developed country. It’s infrastructure, economy always boom. Basically, the administration there does great work. Moreover, what we don’t is that the dirty politics behind the administration. In every country, before elections, a lot of drama happens. Similarly, now USA presidential elections are approaching. Currently, the USA president, Donald Trump is doing every possible thing to win it.

Trump’s nominee list includes Ted Cruz

Recently, Trump had added 20 names in the list of potential nominees to the Supreme court. Apparently, justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away. He died on Friday. Furthermore, now his seat is vacant. And President Trump is making it a potential subject of interest.

Trump’s nominee list
Trump’s nominee list

Donald Trump last presidential campaign

Previously also the same thing was happening. In the year 2016, Trump was using the same tactics. Reportedly, a similar list helped persuade wary conservatives to support his unconventional candidacy. At that time, Justice Antonin Scalia died. That created a vacancy in February 2016.

Names in the list

Reportedly, in the latest list, nearly two dozen additions to the list are GOP Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas, Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Josh Hawley of Missouri are on the list. Adding to that, the former Trump administration solicitor general, Noel Francisco, is on the list. Moreover, there are a other numbers of judges whom Trump had previously appointed to the federal bench.

Trump and politics with the supreme court nominee

However, it is a very clever move by Donald Trump. Recently, Trump was in question for downplaying the Coronavirus situation. In response to this, he said “cheerleader for this country” and that he did not want to foment panic about the virus. Basically, he is making this list of judges to divert everyone’s mind.

A lot of things are happening in the USA. As the presidential elections are approaching, Donald Trump is doing everything to make it a win. Basically, he is diverting people’s minds from his failure. Moreover, in the list of potential nominees for the supreme court, there are no black women. Previously, trump said, he will add black women on the bench. Furthermore, Trump is playing smart tactics now. Let’s see who will win the next presidential elections in the USA.

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