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Noul Tropical Storm Made Landfall In Vietnam, Dozens Injured

Noul, Tropical Storm Made Landfall In Vietnam, Dozens Injured

Vietnam authorities are in the process of shifting more than one million people across three central provinces. All the airports in the region are to close due to landfall. One person is dead and several have injuries as Tropical Storm Noul makes its unwanted appearance. The storm is thrashing Vietnam, unclasping heavy rainfall and high winds on Vietnam’s Central Coastal region.

The images that are surfacing on local Vietnamese Television shows intensive damage to houses and nature. The power polls pulled out of the ground as the storm shows its fury. This by far is Vietnam’s biggest storm of the year making landfall in Hue, the Country’s old imperial capital. The word about the evacuation of more than one million people across Danang and three Central provinces is out.

Noul, Tropical Storm Made Landfall In Vietnam, Dozens Injured

Some dozens of people have grave wounds with a death notification as 90 km/h winds strike reports State News. A citizen of Hue, Nguyen Xuan Vu states how scary it was with the wind so strong as the storm approached. The turmoil of trees and city also were addressed via Vu.

Noul Tropical Storm, Actions Vietnam takes

All airports in cEntral Vietnam will remain shut with a ban on fishing vessels since Thursday. The electricity supply is off in Thua Thien Hue province. The storm receives downplaying from Vietnamese Weather Forecasters as they call it a ‘tropical depression’. 7 people as a result of lightning strike died in Cambodia.

The lightning attacking a wooden stilt house where people were eating. The incident happens in Cambodia’s northwestern Battambang province on Thursday eve. The list of dead comprises a family of four and three other relatives as per the National Committee for Disaster Management.

In the other part of the globe, Thailand’s Meteorological Department issues a warning indicating rains from Noul to affect the country, with northern and northern Eastern provinces on focus. Heavy rainfall and flooding get reporting in Khon Kaen province.

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