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Melania Trump Wooden Statue replaced with Bronze in Slovenia

A bronze statue of the US first lady, Melania Trump, has been uncovered near her hometown in Slovenia, to replace a wooden carving of her that was burnt in an arson attack two months ago.

On Tuesday, September 15, Artist Brad Downey uncovered the bronze statue. The statue is near Sevnica, the small town in central Slovenia where the US First Lady grew up.

Melania Trump, Brad Downey And Ales Zupec’s Collaboration

The new work of art similar to the originals is a collaboration between Brad Downey and Ales Zupec. Downey, a Berlin-based artist from Louisville, Kentucky, along with a local craftsman, Ales “Maxi” Zupevc. He has invited residents of Melania’s hometown of Sevnica near Slovenia to look at the work in nearby Rozno, south-eastern Slovenia.

Melania Trump Wooden Statue replaced with Bronze in Slovenia

The bronze similar to the original has been placed on the same tree stump where the wooden statue was placed previously it was badly damaged. Molded on the prior design, Downey has said he wishes that it will now be strong enough to bear any damages.

 Downey’s Work Was Inspired By Vladimir Lenin

Brad Downey said that the local citizens of Slovenia had been very encouraging of the work. However, he had installed the bronze as a “donation” to them.
The work is inspired by propaganda monuments, such as those inaugurated by Russian Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin after the 1917 Revolution, said Downey.  Furthermore, he stated that the wooden sculpture was “a monument that critiqued monumentalism.”

Brad Downey had stated the burning of the original sculpture symbolic of “political tensions” in the US and “conceptualized as criticism” of Donald Trump’s politics.

Downey Denies of Being Involved  In The Arson Case

Brad Downey also protected himself against condemnations that he gave permission to burn the wooden statue installed in Slovenia as part of his artistic procedure. He said, “I neither set fire to the statue nor did I commission anyone to do so.”

Earlier this month, the burnt and blistered remains of the wooden artwork by Zupevc. This was uncovered in July 2019, went on show at an art gallery in the Slovenian beach resort of Koper.

Local police were unable to find out the culprit who torched the original sculpture. This lead to the conjecture that Downey or his associates were responsible.
Downey Was Careful Not To Disclose The Image Of The Brunt Sculpture
“I didn’t do it,” he told CNN. “I loved it,” Downey stressed that he had been cautious to prevent images of the burned sculpture in Slovenia from circulating.  In the event of preventing the artwork from becoming part of the political discussion around monuments in the US.
“If I’d been it I would have let people take photos of it,” he said.

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