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Jennifer McCormick, Republican endorses Woody Myers for governor

Jennifer McCormick
Jennifer McCormick

Jennifer McCormick from Republicans has countersign, Woody Myers, for the governor running for the office. Jennifer took an extraordinary decision not to opt the governor from the party of her own. She positioned the work of Myers in the field of education. She praised Myers’ liability, intellect, and devotion to education. Indiana Republican Party considers her a perfect example of a Democrat though she had not switched to different parties.

What Jennifer McCormick addressed

Jennifer McCormick said that students of Indiana warrant the leadership that can invest in their future and uplifts their future goals. According to McCormick, all the educators need such leadership which will provide full support and all those resources to fulfill their nexus responsibilities. As the governor, Holcomb has failed to supply and invest properly in the education system of Indiana. Dr. Jennifer McCormick affirmed that the Myers-Lawson campaign will definitely invest to enhance Indiana’s education system. It is a very significant decision as she herself is a member of Governor Holcomb’s cabinet but still, she chose an opponent member Myers and endorsed him in the race for Governor.

Myers thanked McCormick

Myers appreciated the support given by Jennifer McCormick. He replied to the endorsement that he and Linda Lawson who are the democratic nominee for lieutenant governor are grateful and thankful to Jennifer McCormick for supporting hi campaign. Myers said that endorsement of Dr. McCormick towards their crusade shows all the Hoosiers that she believes Linda and him to put the education of Indiana progressive and consider the kids of Hoosiers prior.

Other Endorsements

This step came out by Jennifer McCormick just after her endorsement of several other Democrats ahead of the 3 November election. She began endorsing from 10 September with the attorney general candidate Jonathan Weinzapfel. Three more Democrats endorsement for legislative positions are there put on by Jennifer including against speaker of House Todd Hoston. Other Democrats are also there on the lookout for her aid and support towards them. According to the spokesman from the state GOP Jake Oakman, It’s not much surprising that a Democrat is going to endorse another Democrat for such seat of Governor.

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