iHeartRadio Music Festival 2020, Day 1 Hit Moments

iHeartRadio Music Festival
iHeartRadio Music Festival

iHeartRadio Music Festival is a multi-genre music festival. It is usually conducted in the United States. This year, it celebrated its 10th anniversary. A star-studded line-up kicked off the weekend with some marvelous performances. Alicia Keys, Migos, Thomas Rett, Coldplay, and BTS made a stunning appearance on the first day. Moreover, fans were able to attend the event and applaud their favorite musicians live via Capital One Fan Wall. Further, remote performances for the festival were filmed on stages in Los Angeles and Nashville.

iHeartRadio Music Festival Moments

  • Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys was the opener for the first day of the iHeartRadio Music Festival 2020. And, she was just perfect! She sang her song So Done, which was created in collaboration with Khalid. Further, she went on to perform a powerful set and opened the doors for performers that followed.

  • Migos

Additionally, the festival featured radio MVPs like Quavo, Offest, and Takeoff. After Keys, Migos took over the stage and performed a medley of radio faves. They performed in the most 2020 fashion and rapped a medley of their hits to a screen displaying a million fans.

  • Thomas Rett

Moving on, Thomas Rett surprised the fans with Jon Pardi. He sidled into the radio country MVP role and demonstrated what a happy man looks like. Further, he performed the very famous Look What God Gave Her.

  • Coldplay

The rock sensations of the generation performed a very socially distanced set. They demonstrated the beauty of separation. However, their performance was pre-recorded. But, that didn’t seem to bother anyone. It only explained how much Coldplay valued the gig. In the end, Chris said,

This is a bizarre concert for us, but thank you for having us.

  • BTS

Last but not least, every teenager’s favorite band set fire to the stage. Steadily, BTS has managed to take over the audience in North America. First, they performed their famous song Dynamite and then gradually started singing in Korean. They established cross-cultural importance. In the finale, they danced to Boy With Luv. It was clearly visible how deeply each member was committed to the band.

BTS at iHeartRadio Music Festival
BTS at iHeartRadio Music Festival

A tribute to the dedicated fans

iHeartRadio has a treat for the fans. They have decided to pay tribute to the connection between fans and artists. Music fans will get the opportunity to introduce the artists. Further, they will also be able to enjoy a virtual meet and greet. Finally, fans connected via the live stream will receive a chance to be featured on the special fan video wall.

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