Barry Jenkins in Conversation with French auteur Claire Denis

Barry Jenkins and Claire Denis

Barry Jenkins and Claire Denis collaboration pave their way. Prolific French auteur Claire Denis and Oscar-winning writer-director Barry Jenkins come together. This alliance is for a conversation that’s been years in the making. Claire Denis’s work and way of working are appreciated by all. Whether it’s her colleagues or fans everyone admires the lady a lot. Moreover, her immense passion makes her a little different from the rest.

Prior knowledge

Claire Denis is a French film director. Writing is also one of her amazing qualities. Denis made her debut back in 1988 with a lauded feature “Chocolat”. Further, her feature film Beau Travail has been called one of the greatest films of the 1990s. In addition to this, the director has delivered numerous brilliant projects throughout her career.

Barry Jenkins
Barry Jenkins

The duo Barry Jenkins and Claire Denis

In the second place, we have Barry Jenkins. He is an American filmmaker. The 40-year-old filmmaker made his debut with a short film called ‘My Josephine’. Claire Denis and Barry Jenkins share a good rapport. Both of them worked really hard and delivered one of the finest films, “Medicine for Melancholy“. The film was admired by all and the efforts made by the duo were equally appreciated.

Masters are coming together

The curiosity to know more about such artists and their craft grows constantly in our hearts. To get a closer view of their enormous perception is a desire of all. Finally, the wait is coming to an end. Yes, these two cinematic masters are coming together for their first conversation. This collective interaction will be in front of a live global audience.

Claire continues to be the mentor

Claire has a massive influence as a storyteller. She has the ability to engross every individual in her words. Her enormous vision adds a lot to her credibility. Barry Jenkins called Claire “the world’s greatest working filmmaker”. Claire is definitely a mentor for every new generation filmmaker. The creative lady has contributed a lot to the world of cinema. It will definitely be a wonderful experience to catch this immensely talented duo together.

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