Antebellum Review – Failed attempt at Horror


In current times, watching a movie brings a different experience overall. Instead of watching it on a big screen, people are sitting in front of their TVs, laptops, and phones and watching movies on OTT platforms. Keeping the current situation in mind, Antebellum was made available online on 18th September. It is one of those movies which was created to make itself immune to criticism. It speaks about some strong social issues which cannot be argued with. So, if you agree to the message conveyed, it is assumed that you’ve accepted the movie itself.

Antebellum Review - Failed attempt at Horror

Antebellum, about the film

Antebellum is a psychological horror film written and directed by Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz. It revolves around Veronica Henley, a modern Black-woman. In the film, she is transported back to the 19th century. She finds herself in a horrifying situation where she is forced to live like a slave in the Southern part of Antebellum. Her mission is to free everyone from the crutches of racism and slavery. Along with that, it is her responsibility to bring them back to the present day before it is too late.

The horror factor

Even though it is described as a horror movie, Antebellum is not one for sure. The way racism and violence have been depicted in the film are the only horrifying parts in it. The movie depicts rape, torture, and murder in a very disturbing format. As predicted, people of color are the targets. Moreover, the film has an R-rating, mostly because of the disruptive violence shown. Many viewers may find it difficult to watch for the same reasons. However, it is nothing like a traditional horror movie.

Further, the movie depicts the enslavement of colored people in America, which is prevalent even today. There are many scenes about the same. Some characters meet a tragic end as well. The rise in awareness after George Floyd was killed makes the movie hit harder.

The Final Verdict

Many other TV shows and movies have conveyed the same message in a much effective manner. The movie has many loopholes in it. Many other critics have savaged Antebellum. Additionally, it only has a rating of 35% on Rotten Tomatoes. The review on the site read,

Antebellum fails to connect its images with any meaning, making for a largely unpleasant experience lacking any substantial scares.

Furthermore, it is unfortunate that the movie will go down as one of the most disappointing ones of the year.

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