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Amber Alert Has Been Issued For 1-Month-Old Armaidre Antwan Marquie Argumon

Amber Alert Has Been Issued For 1-Month-Old Armaidre Antwan Marquie Argumon

In Wells Texas, an Amber Alert is on the issue. A 1-month-old Armaidre Antwan Marquie Argumon is missing. The baby was last seen at 8.30 am on Old Forest Road in Wells, Texas. Armaidre has brown eyes and black hair as features. The baby weighs 9 pounds and has a height of 1’10” The belief of police is the baby is under immediate threat and serious danger.

Wells is located about 153 miles southeast to Dallas. The police seek help if you find the baby please Call the Wells Police Department at 936-867-5593. An update on the situation is out. The officials have findings of the truck and are questioning the recent person seen with the child.

There are not any updates on the child. The City of Wells department of local government is functioning with the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department and therefore the peace officer to search out a missing 5-week previous teenager from Wells. At this point, we tend to raise anyone that has noticed an inexperienced Ford Ranger contact the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department. associate Amber Alert has been issued. As a lot of data comes within the public is updated.


Amber alert or Child Abduction Emergency Alert is a message distribution by the Child abduction Alert System. The alert seeks help from the public to help discover the missing child or give updates to officials. This system has its share of popularity in the US in 1996. AMBER stands for America‚Äôs Missing: Broadcast Emergency response. The alert gets its name from Amber Hagerman, a 9-year-old’s abduction and murder in Arlington, Texas.

The first few hours of abduction are essential. The surprising statistics tell the cold, exhausting truth: 90% of all youngsters in kidnapping are subject to rape. 3% of reports are of the dead. However, a Washington State study of 621 interloper abductions leading to murder shows that seventy-four of the youngsters are killed at in primary twenty-four hours.


  • Teach your youngsters their full names, addresses, and phone numbers.
  • Teach your youngsters the way to build a protracted distance decision
  • Know your neighbors and your child’s friends, as well as their names, addresses, and phone numbers.
  • Be tuned in to a young person or adult who is paying an associate uncommon quantity of attention to your youngsters. Or giving them inappropriate or valuable gifts.
  • Know the routes your kid takes to and from college, friends’ homes, and alternative activities.
  • Be concerned about your child’s activities by volunteering in school, clubs, and sporting events – participate in a very neighborhood watch program.
  • Before enrolling your kid within the care of a day-care, pre-school, baby sitter, or youth organization, check their references and qualifications. raise if criminal background checks are conducted before new workers members are employed.
  • Review the online sites of Missing kid Organizations for volunteer opportunities, like e-mailing or distributing posters of missing youngsters.
  • Teach your kid what to try to if approached by an intruder. Common uses are giving a ride, gifts, or candy, asking the kid to assist them to explore for a lost dog or cat, or with claims that {the kid|the kid}’s parent has asked them to bring the child home owing to associate emergency.
  • Teach your youngsters to trust their own feelings and assure them that they need the correct to mention no to what they sense is wrong.
  • Listen to your child; do not disregard their fears. Instead, allow them to understand that you just take their fears and considerations seriously.

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