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Al-Qaeda Terrorists Arrested In Multiple Raids In Kerala, Bengal

Al-Qaeda Terrorists Arrested In Multiple Raids In Kerala, Bengal

The world is a beautiful place If we live rightfully. Basically, it’s all up to people’s actions. If we do good, we will get good. Moreover, if we do bad, we will hit up with bad. Eventually, what goes around comes around. Apparently, a lot of sad things are happening in the world. Reportedly, the world is approaching towards war zone. Currently, 9 Al-Qaeda terrorists are in custody.

Al-Qaeda Terrorist arrested

Reportedly, NIA has arrested 9 Al-Qaeda terrorists. The National Investigation Agency gives a statement on Saturday. Basically, they said that the terrorist was planning attack in the country. Thankfully, they are in custody now. National Investigation Agency did a great job. Furthermore, they were arrested from Kerala’s Ernakulam and West Bengal’s Murshidabad. Apparently, 6 in Murshidabad. And the rest 3 from Ernakulam.

 Terrorist planning

Reportedly, the 9 terrorists were on a big mission. They were planning missions in the big cities of India. Apparently, the cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kochi were in danger. Thankfully, they caught up by the NIA. Reportedly, Their targets included the Kochi naval base and shipyard. NIA’s officials said weapons and bomb-making material were also seized from the men. Reportedly, they were planning single wolf attacks as human bombs. This is very horrifying and scary.


Reportedly, their aim was to kill innocent people in the attack. Apparently, Several digital devices, documents, jihadi literature, sharp weapons, country-made firearms are taken. Adding to that, authorities also seizes locally fabricated body armor, articles, and literature that is used for making home-made explosive devices.

National Investigation Agency(NIA) is investigating more. Whether any locals are supporting them or not. Moreover, they are also collecting details from their encrypted telegram services.

Sadly, all this is also happening in the country. Kudos to NIA for catching Al-Qaeda terrorists at right time. Reportedly, they were planning something big. Thankfully, our country is safe now. Reportedly, a terrorist will be presenting in before the courts. Furthermore, they are taking them to Kerala and West Bengal for further investigation. We hope that NIA likes to catch all such people. It is necessary that people educate themselves, and make wise choices. Apparently, this is a great win for the country. Moreover, people should stay alert. And if any suspicious activity is happening, call the authorities.

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