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Gypsum, Gas Leak leads to Home explosion, overnight evacuation

Gypsum, Gas Leak leads to Home explosion, overnight evacuation

A gas leak leads to a house fire. The incident took place at Gypsum. The Gypsum’s Chatfield Corners evacuated overnight. However, the fire occurred at Eagle Valley High School football field. According to the Eagle Country Sheriff’s Office evacuation took place in two places. Thus they are Tenderfoot and Stoney Creek Streets. Although no hazards exist in surrounding areas. They are near to the Chatfield Corners neighborhood. The fire also occurred in in the Cottonwood Pass Road. Residents of the affected area were asked to evacuate to Lundgren Amphitheatre Lawan. This is next to the Gypsum Recreation Center. The damaged house owners were notified. Hence the road is closed at Dagget Lane and Cottonwood Pass. Also at the Valley Rand and Grundel Lane is closed.

Students and the teachers nearby Red Hill Elementary watched emergency personnel. They had seen the from the front of the school. Though the clouds of the black smoke swirl into the sky. One person is missing after the house explosion. This is after when gas leaks in a subdivision on the south side of town.

Officials belief

The officials think that this is within a two-inch line. When a crew boring in the ground to install fiber optic cable. Though the leak has not caused any smell. Hence it remained unreported. Gas was leaked from the pool which is underground. It was claimed that the explosion was loud. And just after seconds house burst into flames, rattling windows and vibrating walls around the area. Emergency workers and utility company crews decided it was too dangerous. This is dangerous to let people at the eastern end of the subdivision. Residents at the western end got permission to collect some of their belongings. However, they had to leave. Although to look after the situation more the officials took the decision. This is to look at more gas and possible saturation.

The crews will bore test holes into the ground around the more than 80 homes. These homes are at the eastern end of the Chatfield Corners. However, the incident has left people in danger. Though the gas leak is not the normal destruction. It could take the lives of the locals. We can’t deny the fact that there were a lot of casualties in the process. The officials must take the action and overview of the situation.

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