Dragon’s Dogma on Netflix, Spoiler free review, video game adaptation

Dragon's Dogma on Netflix, Spoiler free review, video game adaptation

Once again, Netflix drops another mind-blowing video game adaptation. After the Castlevania Series, Sonic the Hedgehog movie, Japan Sinks: 2020, and many more, Netflix finally released an adaptation of the video game, Dragon’s Dogma. The anime series has 7 episodes of 25 minutes each. Certainly, there are some emotional and thought-provoking moments throughout the series. Video game adaptations usually have a tough time pleasing the audience, mainly because they have been let down often. However, the series is a true test to see if it touches the audiences’ hearts and passes the test. Further, the framework of the plot is similar to the game.

The series revolves around Ethan, who is loyal to his wife, Olivia. One day, a dragon attacks his town and kills his family. Although, he survives. But, he approaches the dragon in a fit of rage, who in turn, attacks him and steals his heart. Again, he survives but becomes an Arisen.

Dragon’s Dogma, about the show

Dragon’s Dogma is a tale about revenge. The animation is wonderful to watch even though it isn’t perfect. The anime later deviates from the original game. All the episodes are named after a deadly sin. Needless to say, Ethan faces his final battle in the last episode named Lust and Pride. The ending is completely different and dramatic. Further, the seven sins are finally connected in the last episode. However, some viewers believe that the ending is unoriginal and anticlimactic.

A good opportunity

Even though there are lots of issues with the plot, there is a bright side to it. The show is not trapped under the original game storyline, which allows it to explore a different storyline altogether. There is an actual scope for character development for both Ethan and his side-kick, Hannah. As wonderful as Dragon’s Dogma was as a video game, it’s not particularly well-known for its characters and writing. With this adaptation, the writers have made little progress in that department.

Visual elements of the series

The action scenes are quite notable. The animation in battles with enemies like cyclops, griffin, hydra, and many more are quite remarkable. Ethan is a ferocious fighter who doesn’t stand back, whereas Hannah aims from behind with her bow and arrow. Together, they make a good team. Ethan’s character has developed throughout the series. It was a treat to watch his reaction when he met new people versus Hannah’s reactions in the same situation.

Overall, Dragon’s Dogma is a fun watch. It is a beautifully animated anime series that has managed to capture the thrill of the battles. But, it has several loose ends. However, it is a good debut and has room for growth.

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