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Cleveland Browns home opener totally different experience for fans this year

Cleveland Browns home opener totally different experience for fans this year

Amidst the Coronavirus, everything is a pause. Basically, a new world is creating now. Moreover, of things need to evolve now in our daily lifestyle. From small things to big things everything is changing. Previously, used to go for movies, matches, etc. Currently, we can’t to all this. Recently, Cleveland Browns, very fewer people attend that match.

Cleveland Browns match

Recently, in Brown’s match, there was no tailgating, no crowds, and no trouble finding somewhere to park. It was all simple. Moreover, it’s unusual for Cleveland. As, well all know coronavirus is going on. That’s why very few people were present. Cleveland supporters were less.

Reportedly, on Thursday night, in FirstEnergy Stadium were few people were there. Basically, only a fraction of 60,000 plus fans were allowed to attend the match.

People say on this

Moreover, No one was happy with this. Apparently, in Cleveland Browns match a lot of people, speculators attend the match. It was a different experience this time. Even the ticket holder, Tiffany Soggs, expressed his thoughts on this.

“There’s not much of a buzz right now, people are home, they know they can’t go to the game… there’s no tailgating, which absolutely stinks,” said Browns fan Daniel Clarke.

Few people at Cleveland Browns match

Reportedly, the view from SkyFOX HD showed very little activity around the stadium before game time. Adding to that, when the gate’s was open no line was there. It was quite unusual. Apparently, the 600 fans were spread across the pods in the lower deck only. Well, people need to understand this now. Upcoming matches will be organized in the same way only. The organizers and authorities must take steps to maintain social distancing.

Reportedly, Cleveland Browns got disappointed a bit. Moreover, we all know the situation of the world. Coronavirus is still going on. The government is still working on it. Furthermore, people are still affecting the virus. Many are in hospitals and many have passed away sadly. So we have to understand the depth of the situation. It’s not easy for all of a sudden to change your lifestyle. But we have got no other options.

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