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Celtics vs. Heat score, Miami overcomes 17-point deficit

Celtics vs. Heat score, Miami overcomes 17-point deficit

We all love basketball. Everyone loves playing basketball. Basically, sports keep us fit. Adding to that, we all watch sports also. Especially the young boys they are the main admirer of sports. Amidst the coronavirus, sports matches are starting now. Be it cricket or basketball, new schedules are made. Recently, a match played between the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat was amazing.

Boston Celtics play

Recently, the game played between the Celtics and Heat, in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals was epic. Reportedly, Game 1 was in the hands of the Celtics. Moreover, the Celtics extended the lead to 17 points in the second quarter. They did an amazing job and set the bar very high for Miami.

Miami Heat play

Coming to Miami Heats, they ran 20-4 in the third quarter and took a seven-point lead in the final quarter. And just like Game 1, Miami held off the No. 3-seeded Celtics on Thursday, taking them completely out of rhythm with a combination of its 2-3 zone and switching.

Moreover, heat played a well game. They were giving tough competition to the Celtics. Furthermore, the game was changed. Basically, the Celtics responded on both ends after their cold stretch.

Miami Heat VS Boston Celtics

As the game proceeded, Miami missed some chance. Miami missed 10 shots out of 12 shots in the final frame. Furthermore, Boston went on 15-2 runs. Moreover, Miami comeback with full powers. Heat changed the game in their hand. To conclude, Miami Heat wins with 106-101 and taking a 2-0 lead in the Eastern conference finale.

Moreover, it was a great match. Everyone enjoyed it players as well as fans. Both the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics are a great time. Their basketball is on point. Eventually, they both have a lot of fans across the globe. Basically, they inspire young children also to make a future in sports. Both teams are a role models for many. In every game, one will win and the other will lose. Well, that what we call the game. We all should have a sportsman spirit to take the defeat also. In this Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals Miami Heat won. Congratulation to Miami Heat.

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