Brie Larson shares rare photos with boyfriend Elijah Allan-Blitz

Brie Larson shares rare photos with boyfriend Elijah Allan-Blitz

Brie Larson shared rare public photos with her and boyfriend Elijah Allan-Blitz, on a live-streamed Wired interview to promote their VR project The Messy Truth.

Larson, 30, and Allan-Blitz, 32, made the headlines during the opening night festivities for The Wired 25, a virtual conference by Wired Magazine happens every year.

Emmy Nominated Series The Messy Truth

The duo Brie and Elijah talked about their virtual reality series, The Messy Truth: The VR Experience. It has been nominated for an Emmy for an outstanding original interactive program. Led by Magic Labs Media founder, CNN contributor, and former Obama administration adviser Van Jones.

The project grabbed the attention of Brie. Brie appears in one of the episodes, as well as her VR director boyfriend. The aim of Messy Truth is to engage viewers in situations where they generally would not find themselves owing to their gender, their race, or where they live.

Brie’s Efforts To Bring Audience True Stories

Brie Larson will be seen in the second episode, which puts viewers in the perspective of a woman being sexually abused.

In an Interview, Brie said their aim is to look at the world through someone else’s perspective. ‘One place this really excels is dealing with power imbalance because it’s an experience that’s very hard to have if your body limits you and you’ve never been in that experience before,’ she added.

Furthermore, she said that they began talking with a bunch of women in the restaurant industry and started compiling their stories.

‘It’s important, I think, to say that this project is their true stories, so when you’re going inside these experiences, we’re not fictionalizing it. We’re just telling the truth and letting you go in and feel it for yourself,’ Larson added.

What Does Allan-Blitz Have To Say About VR Technology

Allan-Blitz says that less than a week following the election of Donald Trump spoke with Jones about doing something with VR technology.

‘We need to see if we can use the power of this technology to actually, instead of dividing us like we’ve seen over the past four years, to bring us together,’ Allan-Blitz said.

Moreover, he said that this is a social experiment. They are trying to use VR technology as a means to put forth the experience one goes through and you feel empathic toward them.

“There are infinite stories to tell,” Larson said. “As many people as there are on the planet, everybody has a story, everybody has a moment that should be shared and experienced. And so we’re excited to collect more and do more.”

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