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Amy Dorris accuses Donald Trump Of sexual assault at US open

Amy Dorris accuses Donald Trump Of sexual assault at US open

The former model Amy Dorris gave her an exclusive interview with Lucy Osborne on Guardian claiming about the allegations. She spoke out that present President Donald Trump sexually assaulted her During the US Open tennis tournament. According to her, it was more than two decades ago. That alleged incident left her feeling ‘sick’ and ‘violated’ after it.

Dorris’ Allegations

Amy Dorris claimed that the harassing incident happened on 5 September 1997 during the tournament in New York. Donald Trump approached her outside the bathroom in his VIP box. At that time she was 24 years old. She badly accused that Trump forcing his tongue down her throat, assaulting her through entire her body. He held her in a tight clench that she was unable to escape from his grasp.

Accordingly, The Guardian reported that Dorris has also provided the outfall with a strong affirmation regarding the meeting of Donald Trump with her. Her provided proofs verified that she and Mr. Donald Trump were attending that event of a tennis tournament together in New York. The report from the Guardian also supplements several photos of Mr. Trump and Dorris together to verify their claim. One photo was having the view in front of the area where Amy Dorris had been alleged.

Amy Dorris accuses Donald Trump Of sexual assault at US open

Fake allegations

Donald Trump has rejected all those allegations which have been dropped over him through his attorneys. Legal advisor to the Trump campaign, Jenna Ellis, said that those allegations are completely false no pieces of evidence are there in accordance with proof the harassment. All such allegations are arising just to attack President Trump right before the election. According to the lawyers hired for Trump have denied that incident and allegations in the strongest possible terms. They mentioned that it’s not possible that he ever harassed, mistreat, or behaved improperly toward Dorris.

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Previous allegations

Amy Dorris is not the first woman who alleged Mr. Donald Trump for sexual harassment. Before Amy Dorris, a dozen women have been claimed such allegations over Donald Trump. Every time Mr. Trump consistently denied all those accusations from those women who have come forward with stories of unwelcomed molesting, kissing, and assault, since the date back to the 1970s. A journalist, Natasha also claimed that Mr. Trump assaulted her when she was supervising an interview with his wife, Melania Trump. Every time President claimed that allegations just the methods to drop him from the elections.

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