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Vishwakarma Puja 2020-timing, History , Significance, Rituals

Vishwakarma Puja 2020-timing, History , Significance, Rituals

India is known for its rich diversity. People from different religions, castes, races, and classes live together with peace and harmony. In such a diversified country every festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm. In the month of September, Hindus across India will observe Vishwakarma Puja on September 16.

Vishwakarma Puja 2020 date

This year people will worship Lord Vishwakarma on 16th September. The Chaturthi tithi begins on 15th September. Further, the Chaturthi tithi will end on 16th September at 7:15. Moreover, it is auspicious to do the puja between 10:09 minutes to 11:37 on September 16. Performing the rituals on a shubh muhurat brings prosperity in abundance.

Importance of Shubh Muhurat

It is significantly believed that the auspicious time of worshipping ( shubh muhurat) depends on the transit of the Sun. However, all the festivals in India are determined according to the lunar calendar. While the date of Vishwakarma Puja is decided by observing the Sun and it’s positions. On the virtue of transit of the Sun the auspicious day and time are decided.

Significance of Vishwakarma Puja

Puja is conducted to seek blessing for excellence in the respective business fields. Factory and shop owners perform the puja with great devotion and seek blessings from Lord Vishwakarma. People clean their automobiles and two-wheelers. Also, all electronic devices are worshipped on this day. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Jharkhand, Bihar, West Bengal, Assam, and Odisha.

Rituals of Vishwakarma Puja

The divine architect and his vaahan, the elephant is worshipped with enormous devotion. The tools, machines, and automobiles are worshipped on this day. In the beginning of the Puja, the idol of Lord Vishwakarma is placed on raised platforms. Also, the platform is decorated by the devotees. Ultimately with the help of a priest, the rituals of the puja are carried out.

The ‘ divine carpenter’

It is strongly believed that Lord Vishwakarma, who also holds the title of ‘divine architect’. He constructed the holy city of Dwarka. The city was ruled by Lord Krishna. Also, it is believed that he created numerous tools for other gods. In the substantial Rig Veda, Lord Vishwakarma has been regarded as the ‘divine carpenter’.

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