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PM Narendra Modi ‘s 70th Birthday -Wishes Poured In

PM Narendra Modi 's 70th Birthday -Wishes Poured In

The greetings in large numbers from BJP to often critical leaders arise. As PM Narendra Modi turns 70, ecstatic verses of heads of states are also flowing. The BJP may be celebrating the seventieth birthday as ‘Sewa Diwas’. The Sewa Diwas is a concept inspired by selfless service.

President Ram Nath Kovind, explicitly states how Modiji offers his ideal loyalty and life values for the nation’s welfare”. “Glad birthday and greatest has to Prime Minister @narendramodi JI” adds Indian president. Along with wishing him good health and the nation benefitting from his valuable leadership. Anil Baijal and Delhi’s CM Arvind Kejriwal wish hearty and healthy wishes of mighty Prime Minister’s health. With Kejriwal addressing Modiji as ‘sir’.

“Beneath his management, India is transferring ahead with an agency perception within the inside entrance, worldwide stage, and public points”, JP Nadda tweets with gratitude. Mr. Nadda also calls ModiJi as an ideal image of religion and hope. Union Residence Minister Mr. Shah also gives his heartiest greetings to PM by calling him people’s hottest choice of Prime minister. Along with a birthday wish from Rahul Gandhi, it can be vocalized he receives great respect as People’s Choice for PM.


PM Narendra Modi, born in Vadnagar, Bombay State Present-day Gujarat continues to leave his mark. The politician started his journey as a little leader to CM for Gujarat and heading the ‘Hindustan’. His works phenomenal with the laying foundation of the Ayodhya Ram Mandir controversy to the infamous demonetization, the PM has done it all. His dedication to his nation is supreme.

Even President Donald Trump believes in him so highly. His friendship with other countries is benefitting India in various ways. His valor and support to his country have us all filled with passion and gratitude even in a time of global pandemic and war-threats.  Modi Ji is famous for his excellent caliber as a debater and an orator.

However, he is a well-verse poet too. He often shares his poem with the followers too. The poems can be seen in the book – A Journey by Narendra Modi. One such poem follows.


I feel proud as a human, as a Hindu.

When it wells up, I feel vast, an ocean

My faith is not at the expense of another’s

It adds to the comfort of my fellow man.

Only that man’s companionship I like

Who is filled with the warmth of devotion

Where Narmada’s water flows like lifeblood,

I am a dewdrop on a flower.

I feel proud as a human, as a Hindu.

Even though the eye looks small

Its capacity for sight is vast indeed

One religious sect is not my street


Diverse my school of learning

Innumerable suns, clouds, planets, galaxies, in my sky,

I am but a moon.

I feel proud as a human, as a Hindu.


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