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Oklahoma explosion, Huge blast and ‘massive flames’ spotted in US

Oklahoma explosion, Huge blast and 'massive flames' spotted in US

Every day, we get to hear about some bad news. Basically, it has become common now for human beings. Accidents, a fire broke out, deaths are a sad reality of the world. Moreover, we tend to think that it is the last sad incident. Eventually, 2020 is a roller coaster year. More of the sad things are happenings. Currently, Oklahoma City witness a big explosion

Oklahoma city explosion

Reportedly, an explosion occurred at the Oklahoma city. Basically, near Piedmont Road and Waterloo Road in Edmond blast was happening. Moreover, the city’s residents reported an explosion. There was a huge explosion in the air. And after that, fire followed. Reportedly, it was a massive explosion. Sadly, this blast produced big flames in the US. Eventually, the sky glowed orange.

Oklahoma explosion, Huge blast and 'massive flames' spotted in US

Reason for the blast

The reason for this explosion is the gas pipeline. Reportedly, a 12-inch gas pipeline running underneath Piedmont and Waterloo roads exploded. Moreover, the onlookers and media outlets saw a huge amount of debris across the road. Eventually, after the blast, the gas line caught fire. Reportedly, the blaze was so high. Surprisingly, The blaze was visible for miles and reaching between 50 and 100 feet High. Reportedly, it’s still unclear what causes the leak.

Extinguish of the fire

Apparently, it was a big blast. A massive explosion was seen in the air. Reportedly, the blast followed into a fire. The fire was flaming on a huge scale. Immediately, the firefighter team was called. Currently, many firefighters are working to control the flame. Thankfully, the firefighter team reaches at right time. And are in control of the situation.


Reportedly, the officials have given interviews and statements to media news channels. In an interview with the local channel, KOCO 5, the Piedmont police officer gives a statement. The explosion took place in rural areas with few residents. Many people took it to Twitter also.

Thankfully, no injuries were reported as per the police chief. Furthermore, Traffic on Piedmont and Waterloo road is being diverted by the officers. Apparently, many people give wishes to the first respondent’s. Moreover, people need to maintain safety with industry and pipeline. We hope that no such incidents take place in the future.