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Minneapolis Police Traffic Stops drops by 80% after Floyd’s Death

Minneapolis Police Traffic Stops drops by 80% after Floyd's Death

The brutal death of George Floyd, Minneapolis Police stunned the world. It made people rethink the structure of society so far. People from all over the world are still protesting against the Black killings. The Black Lives Matter Movement witnessed many of those fights and riots too. But the movement is still going on. People are contributing in their own ways. To speak against the wrongs done by the police.

Traffic stops have been changed from 351/week in May to 70/week at the end of August. But is there any counter impact of the movement? Any changes in the behavior of the police? The answer seems to be Yes. The new report on policing data has revealed it all.

Minneapolis Police Traffic Stops drops by 80% after Floyd's Death

Shocking Drops In Police Stoping

After the months of the brutal killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. A new policing data has revealed shocking drops in police stops. The department is now reported to make 80% drops in traffic stops every week. This is the average dropdown of the stopping amid the Floyd incident. The report was publicized by Bloomberg City Lab recently. The police checks for suspicious persons and suspicious vehicles have also decreased.

Police check for Suspicious Vehicles dropped by 24% while for Suspicious Persons it fell by 39%. The reasons can be many. The police image that has become of the evil and devil from a few months back can be one of the primary reasons. It’s like a pullback phenomenon as the police officials were said to be highly proactive. Other reasons are the decrease in the police staff. Minneapolis police officials are asking for leaves from rather than normal times. Which speculates some kind of insecurity in the police officials. On a typical day, Minneapolis police pulled over 50,000 people that equals 20 million people in a year.

Across the US  people have always complained about racial discrimination when it comes to Traffic stops. Stafford University in its recent research said Black drivers have a higher number of chances to be stopped. The chances were 20% more than whites. The same goes for Minneapolis. According to the census of 2019, The city contains 19% Black or Afro- American people and Whites are accordingly larger. They contribute to 64% population of the city.

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