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Mayville WI , 4 Shot At Elderly Housing Facility, Wednesday afternoon

Mayville WI, 4 Shot At Elderly Housing Facility

On Wednesday afternoon four people shot. This incident took place at an elderly housing facility in Mayville WI. However when police arrived all were found dead. They were later transported by air to local trauma centers. Also one among them shot is the shooter. Although there is currently no threat to the local public. This incident happened around 7:24 p.m. Thought the shooter is in critical condition. Thus all the individuals are accountable in the act. Due to this incident Highway, 28 is shut. The decision is taken by Law Enforcement. Thus it is closed in both the directions in Mayville. Also, a flight for Life helicopter is called to the scene. All lanes of traffic on eastbound and westbound are on the Highway are closed. The name of the police offer is Dodge Country Sheriff. He is handling the case.

Mayville WI, Aging alone is hard

There are various elderly people who are living alone. Either their kids have left them in old age homes. Or they have settled abroad. But life after a certain age becomes very difficult. Older people need more love and care as compared to the young ones. They get frustrated if left alone. They need someone to take care of. There are various such incidents that took place. One we have just discussed now. But there must be some protection for elderly people. They are left alone due to a lack of family ties. They don’t have anyone to share their problems. Though there are various NGOs, old age homes. But living in their own family is something different. It is estimated that around 13.8 million seniors are aging alone. This is all the reason that their life is in danger. This estimation is according to the U.S. census.

Their financial dependence bothers to children. This loneliness affects people’s health and well being. Due to which various unhealthy habits have increased omg them. The old people who are living alone are depressed. This increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Isolated seniors are 60% more likely to predict their quality of life is decreasing. Hence it is the need for an hour that they need to be protected.

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