Kanye west Twitter Rant, Shared Bizarre Video Of Urinating On Grammy

Kanye west Twitter Rant, Shared Bizarre Video Of Urinating On Grammy

American Rapper Kanye West is on the headline for his explosion on social media. On Wed, the musician on a Twitter rant posting pictures of contracts with music labels. The rapper puts in claims of getting freedom from “modern-day slavery”. His rant perceiving good spirits from followers until he shook Twitter.

Kanye West shares a video urinating on his Grammy Awards “ALL THE MUSICIANS are FREE” as a declaration. With Kanye getting a referral for 69 awards and winning 21, he seems a little high in pride. Grammy is the greatest honor within the music trade. The deleted tweet enclosed the signaling of Forbes “If any of my fans need to decide a supremacist… this is often the editor of Forbes.”

West conjointly urinating on one of his Grammy trophies that he placed in a restroom with “I will not stop” written higher than the video. In a series of alternative tweets, the 43-year-old rapper attacked the music trade. Afformentioning he will upload his contracts with Universal Records.

Kanye West has the right to ‘masters’

West is the latest among distinguished artists DEMANDING own rights to his original records or ‘masters’. Most artists cede their rights to a resourceful record to a record label. With either demand for a collection amount of your time or the length of copyright. Record corporations will then license the employment of the music on streaming services, in films, ads, or alternative merchandise.

Singer Taylor Swift in an exceedingly similar feud over her masters recently. With defending from a record label of not permitting her to sing her recent songs at an incident since they owned the rights to the masters. In a series of tweets, West criticizing Universal Records and Sony and differentiating the music trade to a ship. West conjointly secure to not create new music beneath his current contract till he owns his masters.

West acquires mixed responses ranging from ‘What if he becomes president’ to “Your music can’t help you so you need controversy to make you relevant”. “You can flush your career, legacy, and respect down the toilet but grammies not so much”, from one of the Twitter users follows. West’s battle against the record labels comes after a highly-publicized yet failed bid to contest this year’s presidential elections. With the ballot in 12 states, West’s campaign had roadblocks by failure to meet deadlines in key states.

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