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Floyd Mayweather vs You Tuber Logan Paul in exhibition

Floyd Mayweather vs You Tuber Logan Paul in exhibition
The wait is finally over. Floyd Mayweather Jr is coming out of retirement and has just officially signed a contract to fight Logan Paul -YouTube thrill, Logan Paul, in an exhibition match…“One of the best in Floyd Mayweather is going to be fighting. It’s going to be a fighting joke, but it’s signed. Mayweather, 43-year-old, who has not fought since he faced a record-breaking clash with Conor McGregor. A beloved Ufc fan will certainly be getting a massive payday for sure.

Inline, Official Confirmation is still pending

But while it seems that an official contract on the dotted lines has not yet been signed, fellow YouTuber Keemstar revealed that he had been told of the big news by a ‘boxing insider.’ And just to let everyone know, Keemstar took to social media.
Floyd Mayweather vs You Tuber Logan Paul in exhibition
He tweeted: “I got some good news to break for you. Floyd Mayweather Jr has just officially signed a contract to fight the sensory experience of Logan Paul-YouTube, Logan Paul, in an exhibition match. YouTube sensation, Logan Paul, in an exhibition match.”“I don’t really understand such a challenge. Logan Paul tried his hand at professional boxing hardly anyone [that] nobody’s ever heard of before couldn’t.
“He’ll be fighting one of Floyd Mayweather‘s masterpieces. It’s going to be a fighting joke but it’s signed. “I heard it from a reputable source today and even saw the signed contract picture where Floyd signed”.The prospect of another Mayweather return should probably be taken with a grain of salt for boxing die-hards. It’s not the first time one where ‘Pretty Boy Floyd’ talks of a mega-money return have spread like wildfire online mostly for negotiations to break down at the final hurdle. We’ve gotten his desired switch to MMA from rematches with Manny Pacquiao and McGregor.

Mayweather has teased eager fans with a comeback, like so many times. That being said, in December 2018, the 15-time world champion returned to the ring to take on Japanese kickboxers. Tenshin Nasukawa in the exhibition fight, one that, because of its utter nervousness, raised a few eyebrows among viewers. But it goes without saying, whether there’s any talk of this struggle heading, Let’s see what next happens. Watch out for the next one. And do comment you or are you not excited about it?

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