Challenger, The Final Flight Netflix’s Four Part Documentary Series

Challenger, The Final Flight Netflix's Four Part Documentary Series

“Challenger: The Final Flight”  is a new four-part documentary series. The series makes an entry on your screens on September 16th. The massive project is available on the OTT platform Netflix. The four-part documentary series is executive produced by J.J. Abrams and Glen Zipper. In addition to this, the direction is done by Steven Leckart and Daniel Junge.

Challenger, Plot

This four-part documentary series looks back at the Jan 28, 1986 space shuttle tragedy. The lives of five NASA astronauts were destroyed in this unfortunate incident. With a series of interviews of the officials and families of the members who lost their lives. “Challenger” makes an effort to examine the reason behind the so-called accident. Moreover how this massive incident has impacted both NASA and the individuals as well.

The 35th year of the tragedy

Furthermore, the 35th anniversary of the tragedy is approaching this January.The filmmakers are hoping that the series will be successful in establishing a connection with the masses. Also, hopefully ” Challenger: The Final Flight ”  resonates with those who are old enough to remember where they were at that time. Moreover, the scientific plot and emotional content will be able to establish a connection with the masses.

Director’s statement

While having a conversation, the director Daniel Junge said “”My daughter is 12 and she will watch it. I think it will probably be the first serious documentary she will watch, and certainly one that deals with death. I think that the series will speak to people who know nothing about Challenger, but will it also enlighten, or at least reinvigorate the interest of people in the space community? That will be interesting to see.”

A project with a wider perspective

Beyond their roles on the ill-fated mission, “Challenger” describes the paths that each crew member followed to be assigned to the shuttle. The plot is definitely engrossing. This series is made with an enlarged perspective. It provides enormous scientific wisdom, a complete look at the unfortunate accident and an emotional connection with the respected families of the heroes. The interviews of the family members portray their thoughts regarding this in a good way. One should definitely stream to this amazing series.

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