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Barbados To Become Republic, Remove Queen As Head of State

Barbados To Become Republic, Remove Queen As Head of State

Monarchy is coming from ancient times. However, most of the world’s countries have demolished the monarch rule. Apparently, there are some countries that are still in the rule of monarchy. Basically, either they are under a full monarch or partial monarch. Eventually, everyone wants freedom. A lot of wars were happened to gain independence. Reportedly, now Barbados wants to attain sovereignty.

Barbados independence

Reportedly, Barbados is still in the rule of the monarch. Queen Elizabeth is the head of state currently. But now, the time has come, Barbados wants complete independence. Reportedly, a recent statement is out by the Barbados government. Basically, they mention that nation aims to complete the process of becoming a republic before its 55th anniversary of independence from Britain, in November 2021.

Sandra Mason, Barbados governor general said in a speech, “The time has come to fully leave our colonial past behind”.

It is clear that they want to cut all ties with the queen now.

Barbados To Become Republic, Remove Queen As Head of State

Barbados’ history

Reportedly, Barbados is one of the most prosperous Caribbean islands. This Caribbean island has most of the population compared to others. Moreover, they gain their independence in the year 1966. Currently, Queen Elizabeth is the “state head of the country”, but now they want “Barbadian Head of State”. Apparently, now Barbadian government will take logical steps to attain full sovereignty

Other countries relation with queen

This is not the first time, that any country wants to attain sovereignty. Previously also, many Caribbean countries have cut their ties with the queen. Starting from, Guyana took that step in 1970. After that, Trinidad and Tobago followed suit in 1976. And lastly, Dominica in 1978. Mauritius also cut ties with the UK in the year 1992.

Moreover, there are still 15 other countries that are still in association with the queen. Apparently, they seem to value the relationship with the queen and the United Kingdom. Basically, there are many advantages also to stay in the good books of the queen.

Well, we all want independence. Barbados is taking a major step in terms of political matters. Let’ see what will happen next year. Apparently, the Barbadian government is in full mood to gain full sovereignty in its 55 anniversary of independence. We wish luck to Barbados.