WWE RAW women’s championship ,Asuka against Injured Mickie James

WWE RAW women's championship ,Asuka against Injured Mickie James

The WWE RAW women’s championship finished with a lot of controversy and confusion during the match. On the episode of Monday Night RAW, Asuka and Mickie James were on their agile stage in the ring. Due to injury Mickies James is back in the frame for WWE after missing more than a year. Both of them made the match much more subsiding.

WWE RAW women’s championship, Controversial bizarre match

On the foremost roster at WWE RAW, it was the first time when Asuka and Mickie James were facing the battle in the ring against each other and fought for the title match. Through the entire match thus both had a fine back and forth experience in the ring. When the match came to its end, Asuka entangled James and rolled her into an armbar. Mickie James tried to fight back with all her strength and controlled to roll her into a 2-count. Asuka again tried her best to hold out against and transitioned into Asuka lock. But, unfortunately, the match ended in a bizarre manner.

 WWE RAW women's championship ,Asuka against Injured Mickie James

Surprised finish

When the match turned to the point where James mold the lock into a pin, the referee called the match. At this call, Mickie James was so surprised. In fact, Referee Darrick Moore was also confused and waited for a minute before declaring the finish of the match.

After the match, it came to announced that Mickie James was not able to continue the fight longer. Therefore the referee called off that stoppage.

Star players of WWE

Mickie James initiated her career at WWE in 2005 when it was a significant era of women’s wrestling. Started from 2005 to 2010 Mickie James aided a different layer of excellence to women’s fight with her magnificent energetic in-ring skills.

In the history of the women’s wrestling, since Asuka was surmounted with the Champion by Becky Lynch, she turned a trend of such sorts in Asuka’s title matches in the WWE.  It has been found that she rarely won any match in a clear way. Mostly she has an overstretched end in the matches then it does not matter who is the opponent of her.

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