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“UFO” was hovering over part of New Jersey (2020)


UFO, 2020 is a real roller coaster year. Basically, a tragic year. Moreover, we have seen a pandemic, Amazon wildfire, the death of our favorite actors, etc. Everything that’s didn’t happen earlier, is now happening. Basically, many people tried to pass prophecy also. Aliens will come, the dinosaur will rebirth, etc. Surprisingly, one of these can be true also. Recently, UFO was sighted in New Jersey.

UFO in New Jersey

Reportedly, New Jersey residents thought UFO in the air. It was happening on Monday night. Eventually, people went mad about it. They thought they have seen real UFO. Accordingly, it was night, so it became more obvious. Surprisingly, people actually believed it was a UFO. Basically, this incident created quite a buzz.

Is it true?

Apparently, what people assume it as UFO was the Goodyear Blimp. Yup, it was just a Blimp. Surprisingly, a small Blimp was creating hush and rush. Apparently, a representative of Goodyear confirmed, that it was there Blimp only. Actually, the Blimp was capturing aerial footage. Reportedly, it was for the Monday night for the NFL game. It was for the game, playing on MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Social media wave

Basically, this UFO incident went viral on Twitter and tic tok. Surprisingly, one video on tic tok got 650,000 likes. New Jersey residents also tweeted on this incident. UFO pictures went all over the social media handles of people.

Pentagon program

Apparently, people have a lot of interests in UFOs. According to the New York Times, a program was set for this. The program investigated various reports of unidentified flying objects. Reportedly, this was named as Pentagon. Basically, in this, they research the suspicions flying objects in the sky. Previously, Pentagon officials released three Navy videos of unidentified objects in the air. As per the Pentagon, the aerial phenomena seen in those videos were described as “unidentified”. Moreover, it was not a real UFO. It was just a Blimp. Apparently, people got a little disheartened when they came to know the truth. Precisely, there are many organizations that work on this. They monitor the unidentified objects flying in the sky. Basically, it was just a small rumor.