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‘Star Wars: The Mandalorian’ Season 2, First Trailer Release

Star War
Star War

Star Wars, Whoo! Your favorite series Star wars are coming back soon. To entertain and to take you to the new journey of fun and adventure. The most anticipated awaited season 2 for The Mandalorian is on the floor. It will be landing on Disney Plus in the last days of October as speculation. Guesses for the release of the trailer started earlier from this month. The Star Wars Celebration Anaheim was in line to release. But the latter canceled amid COVID Pandemic.

Star Wars: What will the season entail?

The trailer being shared by the official account  of Mandalorian stated on Twitter-““Wherever I go, he goes,” and, of course, features appearances from baby Yoda.” In the trailer characters of Armorer, Gore Keresh, and Mandalorian are all set for a new journey. Speculations for the trailer started at start of September itself. By seeing the trailer we get an insight into what will the new season entails within it. New characters are lined up in the way too. While the main leads will be played by the previous actors only. Pedro Pascal will be playing The Mandalorian. And other characters are expected to be played by the same actors. The plot of the story is expected to be the same but some mysteries are lined up to be revealed soon. It s expected the storyline will also be pushed to an extent in this season. The Mandalorian will continue to protect child Yoda, also he will discover new origins with the Villian Moff Gideon (who wants to have Baby Yoda for his evil reasons).

Reactions of the fans

Fans are surprised and thrilled to see Sasha Banks in the trailer. The character played by Sasha still seems to be a mystery. But it is expected she is playing Jedi. But “The songs of eons past tell of battles between Mandalore The Great and an army of sorcerers called Jedi.” What you think Sasha is playing ? Rosario Dawson is expected to showcase live-action. The character of Ashoka Tano will be played by him. But the exact information is still not revealed by Lucasfilms. But the fans are still trying to figure out. Where was Ashoka? Twitter was filled with comments after the release of the trailer.

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