Paris Hilton Documentary: Revelations About Childhood Trauma

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton, “My mom wanted me to be a Hilton. And I just wanted to be Paris” says Paris finding her voice in the new documentary. For the Youtube Originals documentary ‘This is Paris’ the 39-year-old Hilton DJ and Businesswoman discloses her rudimentary experience about her childhood trauma. The secret abuse she suffered both at the Utah boarding School and in her romantic relationships. Her Infamous sex tape scandal from nearly 20 years ago.

Paris comments, “Something happened in my childhood that I never talked about with anyone.”  “I still have nightmares about it. I wish I could bring, like a camera into my dreams and like show you what it’s like. It’s terrifying. And I relive that every night. I experience it and to this day I am still traumatize and I think the only way to have these nightmares stop is to do something about it.”

Her mother Kathy Hilton and sister Nicky Hilton Rothschild also offer insight into the world’s original influencer.

Paris Hilton: Telling the reality

After meeting with fellow survivors and friends from her metropolis days, Paris set to finally reveal the truth. “They were perpetually being abusive in each means,” she shares with a shell-shocked Kathy, who later began to cry. The influencer recalls she couldn’t tell because they would penalize if she did.
Paris conjointly addresses finally speaking out publically, explaining why she waited.
“I needed to try to to one thing, however at a similar time I did not need to harm my whole,” she mentions. “I cannot have this be a part of my business, and folks will not perceive. However, if I do not do that it’s getting to still happen and I am getting to continue being traumatized and trust it the remainder of my life.” Paris also accepts she used to run away to cornfields or places to enjoy the nightlife. The way to cope up with life making her a troublesome youth. Her family sent her to boarding school gave her major nightmares and insomnia. As she felt being kidnapped on occasions. Airports locked and security tight with no vision for her escape she witnesses a traumatic teenage life.

The Sex Tape and Trust Issues

Twenty years back a tape of Paris having a sensual moment with her then-boyfriend Rick Haym Salomon in 2001 came on the web. Having her in the frame the impact it has on her continues to be vivid. Explaining that was her 1st real relationship and she simply wanting Rick happy, Paris feels her “electronically rape.” Addressing how people’s words pierce through her, comments about her fame road through video leak. During a scene recorded in her Los Angeles home, Paris discloses her massive assortment of laptops. For this reason, she had boyfriends who used to poke her through for passwords and personal ex’s data and thrash her. She has trust issues with boyfriends, the influencer has her engagement thrice, though never a marriage. Though she comes from a well off family, it’s clear throughout the documentary that Paris had no intention of wishing on the Hilton family fortune. Revealing her “goal in life” is to be a BILLIONAIRE. “I won’t stop till I build a billion greenbacks,” she told her sister in one scene. “And then I believe I will relax.

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