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Nissan Z Proto Design and Specs, concept-car trial of the next-generation

Nissan Z Proto Design and Specs, concept-car trial of the next-generation

The Nissan Z Proto is a lightly concealed concept-car trial of the next-generation Nissan Z.

A doubled-turbocharged V-6 engine twinned to six-speed manual transmission power the Z Proto. The powertrain has been authenticated for the production Z. Nissan Z will likely be called the 400Z when it comes to the market in 2021.

Nissan Z- The Torch Bearer Of The Brand

The Nissan Z has always been a pointer of the well-being of Nissan. The 1970 240Z set the benchmark for the brand’s achievements throughout the decade. The 1990 300ZX showcased significant engineering intelligence.

Nissan was famous for in the ’90s, and the 2003 350Z  directed by Carlos Ghosn in a renaissance and his Renault-Nissan Alliance took the company ahead from the edge. The current 370Z has wilted along with its parent company over the last decade. It left people to wonder if the Z  has a future at all in the middle of Ghosn’s scandalous retreat and the company’s financial challenges.

The Z Proto, a production-intent preview for the upcoming Z35-generation 400Z, appears to answer that question with a resounding yes.

Nissan Z Proto Design and Specs, concept-car trial of the next-generation

Design Of The Upcoming Car

Five inches longer than the 370Z, the new Nissan Z has an elegant shape. We see similarities between the Jaguar and Aston Martin in its proportions. Although Nissan’s head of design Alfonso Albaisa is engrossed on how it draws out prior iterations of the Z. The new Nissan Z’s attention to detail is somewhat of a grab bag of the best of past Z-cars, with 240Z-inspired headlights, 300ZX-esque taillights, and a few other historical touches.

The only real deal, though, is the three-gauge binnacle atop the dash; it’s otherwise a fully modernized two-seat cockpit with large display screens for the gauge cluster and infotainment system and an attractive new steering-wheel design.

Mechanical Specifications of Nissan Z

The twin-turbo 3.0-liter V-6 is a modified version of the VR30DDTT unit. It is available in both 300- and 400-hp states of tune in the Infiniti Q50 and Q60. The 400Z should hew closer to the high end of that scale, although Nissan might leave room for a NISMO version.

A six-speed manual is standard, and an automatic will be optional, likely the seven-speed torque-converter unit found in the Infinitis.

Expected Price Point

Given its new engine and remodeled design, it is best to assume the new Nissan Z will leap in price over the current car, which starts at $31,085. When the 400Z production car arrives sometime in 2021, it can be expected that the price will start in the mid-$40,000 range, neatly bisecting the four- and six-cylinder Supra models. And hopefully, it will be worth the wait.

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