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Mexico announce Digging Operation To Recover Bodies of 63 coal Miners

Mexico announce Digging Operation To Recover Bodies of 63 coal Miners

The world is growing at a fast pace. Eventually, a lot of developing work is going on. Basically, Industrialization is playing a key role . But all this work requires a lot of human resource. Eventually, many labors, miners and other people work in industries. Furthermore, a lot dangerous, health hazard work happens. Adding to that, it is risk to life also. Previously, a sad incident happened in the year 2006, Pasta de Conchos mine disaster. Now, government of mexico is launching digging operation.

Pasta de Conchos mine disaster

Reportedly, it was a very tragic incident. Basically, 65 mine workers were working from 10 pm to 6 am shift. All of a sudden, methane explosion occur in a coal mine, in the Mexican city of Coahuila. Around 65 workers got trapped and died. Out of 65, only 2 bodies were recovered. Currently, Mexican government is launching digging operation.

Digging operation of 63 coal miners.

Previously, methane explosions left 63 people inside the ground. Sadly, these mine workers were doing their duty and died. Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Mexican President, ordered to recover 63 dead bodies. It is very devastating to think about it. Sadly, the poor and innocent worker died. Reportedly, the extracting will be done soon. Firstly, dead bodies will recover. Secondly, the government will remove coal also. Later, this coal will be used to make fuel.

Mexican government and victim’s families

Previously, Three administration decided not to try this evacuation. Apparently, victim’s families was pressurizing the authorities to launch digging operations. Now Mexican President is promising to take the digging operation. Adding to that, Human Rights Ministers, Alejandro Encinas, is also announcing of the digging operation. Furthermore, government will also compensate the minors families. They will also build memorial for the minors.

However, it was a tragic incident. Previously, also many such incidents have taken place. It is really sad to see and hear all this. Unfortunately, it is a part of reality. Basically, mine and industry owners should check on their workers safety. Apparently, many workers are putting their lives on risk, to provide livelihood to their families. Its is necessary their satiety should be top priority.  My Condolence to mine worker families in mexico

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