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Love Island Season 2, Week 3, Recap and Spoilers, games and challenges

Love Island Season 2

Week 3 of “Love Island” Season 2 started with enthusiasm for 10 new cast members and terminated in breakups and tears. Episode 14 opened in “Casa Amor,” the men became acquainted with five new women — Sher Suarez, Laurel Goldman, Faith Tyrell, Mercades Schell, and Gigi Reitzell.  Away from the women they had been coupled up with.

And five new men greeted the women in the villa atop the Cromwell Las Vegas Hotel; Jalen Noble, Aaron Owens,  De’Andre Heath, Mike Jenkerson, and Pat Albasha.

Love Island Season 2

Love Island Season 2, Let’s Meet The New Cast Members

In the traditional “Love Island”  theme, games and challenges were planned to give the islanders in the pretext to kiss each other.

Carrington Rodriguez said everyone is kissing in the show. Though Mercades Schell and Johnny Middlebrooks required no excuse to hook up. Even though, Middlebrooks said he was still interested in Vazquez, with whom he’d been coupled up so far. The experiment was for the sake of clarity, he said.

Rodriguez was thrilled to find a new connection at Casa Amor following he and Kierstan Saulter ended their relationship. He hesitated between Goldman and Schell. On the other hand, the other men examined whether they liked the newcomers more than the women they’d left behind in the original villa.

But Mercades Schell and Johnny Middlebrooks needed no excuse to hook up. Even though Middlebrooks said he was still interested in Vazquez. The experiment was for the sake of clarity, he said.

Mackenzie’s Whereabouts In Week 3

Meanwhile, women also were comparing their relationships in ‘Love Island’.

Mackenzie Dipman, of Scottsdale, had been coupled up with Connor Trott from the first episode, was seen getting interested in another man beyond the games. Jalen Noble showed interest in Moira Tumas, though he and Dipman were attracted to each other and ended up sharing a bed.

“With Jalen, It’s a different kind of feeling,” Dipman said.

On the other hand, in Casa Amor, Trott controlled himself from getting cozy with the new women and claimed, “I am all-in on Mackenzie.”

 In the past week, they had declared themselves boyfriend and girlfriend for one day before Trott asked to remove the label and take it slower.

Who’s In And Who’s Out Of Week 3?

Here’s who’s coupled up in Love Island:

  • Mackenzie Dipman and Jalen Noble.
  • Moira Tumas and Aaron Owens.
  • Carrington Rodriguez and Laurel Goldman.
  • Calvin Cobb and Sher Suarez.
  • Cely Vazquez and Johnny Middlebrooks
  • Caleb Corprew and Justine Ndiba.

The members who were dumped this week:

  • Faith Tyrell.
  • Mercades Schell.
  • Gigi Reitzell.
  • De’Andre Heath.
  • Mike Jenkerson.
  • Pat Albasha.

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