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Israel, Bahrain And UAE sign Peace Deal at White House

Israel, Bahrain And UAE sign Peace Deal at White House

Israel and two gulf nations signed U.S. broked agreement. Thus it took place at the White House on Tuesday. The two gulf states are the UAE and Bahrain. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu signed a peace treaty with UAE. However, he also signed a declaration of peace with Bahrain. This follows the usual procedure of the last international agreements. Later it is bought for the approval of the government and Knesset. President Donald Trump oversaw the ceremony.. This is the historic ceremony. The foreign minister of the UAE and Bahrain also joined them. This will absolutely change the course of history. Thus it is the Dawn of a new Middle East. The last time such a ceremony took place in Washington was in 1994. For Trump timings were crucial. There are less than two months in the election. The two gulf nations recognized Israel at the White House.

Earlier president Bill Clinton looked on. The PM of the two gulf countries signs it. As Yitzhak Rabin and Jordanian King Hussein signed a declaration. Israel looks to secure it’s in the turbulent Middle East. Like UAE, Bahrain also covert ties with Israel stretching back years. The UAE and Bahrain are close allies of the US. Each country hosts a significant US military presence. The military presence has brought the leader of the countries closer.

Reason for the agreement

The UAE made clear the benefits it get. It sees from the normalization agreement with Israel. It helps to acquire F-35s from the US. Later this help to give Emirates the latest fighter jet in the US inventory. UAE ensured the suspension of Israel’s annexation of parts of the West Bank. This will also end to the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

Bahrain tends to achieve specific goals. This will open up the possibility of purchasing Israeli high tech. This includes military technology. Iron Dome missile defense system added. Thus also helps in cooperation on economics, health, tourism, and more. To win the political situation for the UAE and Bahrain.

Israel gets to tout a major foreign policy achievement. Also, it will sign normalization agreements with two countries. This White House ceremony helps district Netanyahu’s domestic issues. He had repeatedly claimed his innocence.

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