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Apple disclose the new iOS 14 update : Everything you need to know

Apple disclose the new iOS 14 update : Everything you need to know

Apple disclose the new versions of Apple Watch and iPad. We cannot expect a new iPhone soon. Though Apple had a new update iOS 14. This update will give a fresh look for current gadget. That too absolutely free. The app updates teased earlier. Ways to discover and organize application. As well as the ability to unlock your car. But this will not work with BMW for now. iOS 14 include a new feature called app library. This will automatically organize the application. This will help you to get a quick on what you are looking for. This new iOS 14 OS is compatible with many older iPhones. This include iPhone SE and iPhone 6s. Thus the new update will work for 5 year older and newer.

iOS 14, Biggest changes

New feature App Clips. This helps to discover and access new apps. Users can opt to download the full version of the app  from Apple store. These apps are small in size and integrate with Apple Pay. You can access it by using QR code. Also by scanning a new App Clip. The group chats are upgraded. Apple took inspired by leading workplace messaging services. This group chat includes the option to pin the most important conversation. Also helps to mention others in group chats. This is similar to slack. Users will get a notification that they have been mentioned. The group photo updated with emojis. Apple emoji have more hairstyles. They have age options and face masks for pandemic era.

However the car keys are replaced. This is available with new 2021 BMW 5 series. Digital keys can be shared with other people. Include family members using message. Thus the next generation will have something more. This will help in unlocking  the car without taking out phone from pocket. This will be available next year.

Apple disclose the new iOS 14 update : Everything you need to know  

Air Pods update

AirPods are also getting an update. They can be switched between devices and audio. When someone calls they will automatically swtich to call. The prior pro version have new feature. This a called spatial audio. Thus it claims to replicate a surround sound or movie theater experience.

Other features

This update will able users to watch video while doing other things. Also incoming calls will no longer take over the screen. Each developer will self report their privacy practices. This gives users to share approximate location with apps.

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