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ABC town hall: Trump faced some tough questions on COVID-19

ABC town hall
ABC town hall

ABC town hall, President Donald Trump faces tough questions on Covid-19, healthcare, and racial justice. Though just seven weeks before Election day. After two weeks before the first presidential debate. He faced voters in a 90-minute town hall special. However ABC News host the show. That too from the battleground state of Pennsylvania. The chief news anchor George Stephanopoulos anchored the show. This is The President and the People. Questions include racial justice in the country. Thus various riots in the state of black lives matter. Though the condition is known to everyone. He was also asked about the current pandemic. The measures he has taken. Also about the economic recovery. ABC News offered to host a similar town hall with Democratic presidential nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden. The ABC News and the campaign were not able to find a mutually agreeable date.

ABC town hall, Trump defense himself

The President also falsely claimed that Democrats wanted to remove protections. This protection is for patients with pre-existing conditions introduced under Obamacare. However, he even says he had offered no credible health plan. Even he would protect pre-existing conditions. His campaign insists untapped seams of pro-Trump voters. They sat on the sidelines in 2016. Pollsters ignored him. This has embraced the President’s hardline culture war rhetoric to sweep him to a second term. He again denies evidence of his own voice.

Covid-19 vaccine

He said that the vaccine is just three or four weeks away. Even though the cautionary notes sounded by some U.S. public health officials. He even defends his way of handling the coronavirus pandemic. Also, that vaccine could be ready for distribution soon. However, most believe a vaccine will be ready by November and December. He also defended Americans who have shunned face masks and social distancing guidelines. He claims experts like Fauci had changed their views. This is about those practices during the crisis. He has even faced criticism for holding a large-scale campaign event in Nevada and other states. Trump said the United States had a number of cases. This is because it did more testing than in other countries. He even claims that many people are immune through vaccination or the previous one.

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