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Navid Afkari, an Iranian wrestler executed by Iran, Why ?

Navid Afkari
Navid Afkari

Navid Afkari sentenced to death and executed by the government. He was an Iranian wrestler. This was because he murdered security agents. This happened during anti-government protests in 2018. He even executed on September 12, 2020. His brothers also executed in the same case. He even insulted the supreme leader. However, Navid Afkari was a charge for this. Also for waging war against God. The man he murdered works for IRGC. Although he refuses for the murder. There are various other charges. One is spreading propaganda against the Islamic Republic, Hirabah disturbing public order. He even organized a group participating in protests. He was charged for every criminal act. However, he warned people about the systemic corruption infesting the judiciary system of Iran. After given two death sentences for the charges. It has sparked global outrage. Also, the calls to overturn his execution. Even some great leader tweets for him. U.S. President Donald Trump tweet. Also the president of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach. UFC president Dana White. There are various other people to pled Iran to stop this. Thus his execution rushed. Although despite various suggestions it happened. He was a champion. The citizens of Iran love him so much. They love his game and as a person.

Retribution in kind

However, his execution was denied by the world. But there is a different belief. He was sentenced to the Islamic verdict of the thesis. This is also retribution in kind. Due to the review of the supreme court. This is needed to be carried out. The court has confessed his killing. His family also refused to forgive him. Also allows him to pay restitution. This case of the Afkari case sparked interest beyond the sports circle.

Navid Afkari, Confession

Navid has confessed his murder. Though he said that he was tortured in doing so. He will later take it back. There are false confessions. He was brutally tortured he mentioned. This was all clarified from the voice call. This call was from prison. Even his parents sent a letter to the chief justice. In that letter, it was written that he was tortured. There is an appeal to put his execution in the stay. After all this, he was executed. Hence no one knows the truth.


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