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USA Grandparents’ Day 2020: History and Celebration

USA Grandparents' Day

USA Grandparents’ Day is celebrated on the first Sunday comes after Labor Day. In 2020, Grandparents day was celebrated on 13 September.  Just like we celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, we dedicate the grandparents’ day to our beloved grandparents who showed infinite love and care to us and shower their priceless blessings on us. as per the sayings, grandparents and grandchildren share a different kind of emotional connection which can never fade with time.

USA Grandparents’ Day, History behind

It was in 1969 when Russell Capper who was nine years old at that time wrote a letter to President Nixon and suggested to dedicate a day for our grandparents to thanks and celebrate their love and care for us.

and later on June 12 in 1969 personal secretary of the President wrote a return letter and sent it to Russell. The letter was as,

“Dear Russell, Thank you for your letter to President Nixon. Your suggestion regarding a Grandparent’s day is appreciated, but the President ordinarily issues proclamations designationg periods for special observance only when a Congressional resolution authorizes him to do so. With best wishes, sincerely, Rose Mary Woods Personal Secretary to the President.”

Later on, going with that letter, Marian McQuade received the national recognition as the founder of USA Grandparents’ Day as she requested the youth to endorse a grandparent and get to learn about their lifestyles and the way of their lives to know about the hardships of life in future.

USA Grandparents' Day

Day designated

In 1997, along with other senators, Senator Randolph introduced a plan and requested the President to designate the first day just after Labor Day as the USA “National Grandparents’ Day“. On 8 August 1978, Jimmy Carter signed the proclamation to celebrate the “National Grandparents’ Day”.

Way to celebrate

USA Grandparents Day is celebrated in the way to enjoy the life and interest of our grandparents. In a busy life today we usually forget to give quality time to our grandparents. Therefore, being with them having lunch and dinner with them of their interest and spend some quality time with our grandparents is the best way to celebrate the day of our grandparents.

Generally, grandparents have different kinds of hobbies of their own time and era so we should encourage them to indulge in their hobbies and also we should participate with them to enjoy their hobbies together.

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