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University of Florida: Fire breaks out, no injuries reported

University of Florida: Fire breaks out, no injuries reported

Every day we get to hear about some incident. Basically, road accidents, violence, etc. see every day. Currently, coronavirus is also going on. Moreover, there is a lot of suffering in the world. Basically, some of the bizarre incidents are happening daily across the globe. Furthermore, it has become common now. Moreover, humans have become used to it. Sadly, one more fire accident happens at the University of Florida. Reportedly, this incident took place on Saturday.

Details about the fire incident

University of Florida, Reportedly, at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium aka swamp fire incident happened. Basically, the fire broke out at the upper level of the stadium. Eventually, dark smoke was coming out of the stadium. Furthermore, Fire was seen by people near the area. Sadly, many pedestrians watched the fire.

University of Florida: Fire breaks out, no injuries reported

The extinguishing of the fire

As soon as the fire started, firefighters were called. Furthermore, the fire extinguisher teams come and started working. Reportedly, several fire trucks worked to calm down the blaze. Eventually, the fire stopped. Reportedly, it took 30 minutes for firefighters to find out the source of the fire. Moreover, it was on the first floor, in the locked office. At last, the fire incident was stopped.

Investigation of the fire incident

Reportedly, it is still unclear where the fire started. Furthermore, Steve Orlando, University spokesman gives a statement on this. Firstly, it was thought that the fire was started by a golf cart. Secondly, they conclude that it was likely a maintenance tractor. Moreover, the investigation is still going on this fire incident. Basically, the investigation is in the hands of the State Fire Marshal’s Office.

Reportedly, no one was the harm in the fire. Thankfully, all the students and staff are safe. Adding to that, all firefighters are safe too. Moreover, this was a small fire incident. Thankfully, the fire team come at the right time and extinguish the fire. We need to be very careful in our workplace as well as home. Basically, fire incidents can cause a major loss. Reportedly, many fire incidents are happening like the California fire. We hope that no such incident happens in the future. Moreover, stay safe everyone.