Tyler and Converse ‘s Sneaker Collab, sold out in hours

Tyler and Converse 's Sneaker Collab

Tyler and Converse ‘s latest collaboration went on sale. The sale was on Monday, September 14. However, they already sold out. There were no shoes available on both the online store. They are Converse and Gold Wang’s. Chuck Taylor sneakers in red, yellow, and blue color. Whereas Golf was emblazoned on each shoe with a heart and flower. They were sold at a retail price of $100.  Though fans are still looking for a limited edition. Chuck Taylors will have to track them down at select retailers. They might be through the resellers market. However, the two released dozen of different styles of sneakers. Tyler and Converse partnership began in 2016.

The limited-edition version features a bright orange sole, white missile, and a light blue upper. The shoe has either white or orange laces. However, this is not the first time rapper’s design. He did it before for big brands. Tyler previously had a relationship with Vans. Later left the brand for Converse after feeling creatively stiffed. He also worked with the brand Odd Future. Also, he is referencing labels in his lyrics.


For the promotion of shoe collaboration Converse releases a short video. This video stars Tyler the Creator. The rapper shown wearing shoes and skateboarding and riding motorbikes. He even had high profile collaboration with Miley Cyrus. Also with J.W. Anderson and Alber Elbaz. Converse gained attention for its legal battle. This protects the trademark of its Chuck Taylor. This was from knockoffs.

Converse sneakers are a staple for any urban wardrobe. They could be fitted with jeans, slacks, or even a fine tux. It seems that collaboration is the key. These new kicks have gained huge attention. There are millions of likes on social media. However, people have waited in line for hours. Even paid people to wait for them. This is all just to buy them. The main focus is on its details. People have gone crazy to buy them. Converse tapped the British based fashion visionary. This elevates its iconic sneakers. Due to the partnership, the value gained. The popularity increased. However, one is released now. Thus fans are waiting for the next one eagerly.

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