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President Trump relationship with Russia, needs to issue forceful response

President Trump

earlier in the month of May, President Trump spoke to the media while departing from the White House. During this press meet, he said that the United States of America was withdrawing from the Open Skies arms control treaty with Russia. However, the reason for the same was not clear. Now in the second place, a forceful response is the ultimate need of the hour.

Russia-USA relations

Russia-United States relations refer to the bilateral relationship between the USA and the Russian Federation. However, the relations between the two countries are not that great. But they manage to maintain diplomatic and trade relations. Moreover, the relationship was generally warm under the Russian President Boris Yeltsin. But, later the conditions started deteriorating.

Reasons for the major fall out

The primary reason was the NATO bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in the spring of 1999. In addition to this, the crisis in Ukraine and Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014 contributed a lot to further deterioration. Moreover, differences grew due to the Russian military intervention in the Syrian Civil War. In the second place, the alleged interference of Russia in the 2016 U.S. elections added more spice.

An effort to take over Belarus

While we may be obsessed with the 2020 presidential election right now, we can’t forget that there’s a big world out there. Russia is constantly trying to take over Belarus. Likewise, Putin just poisoned another political opponent. He did this by using an illegal Soviet-era nerve agent. This becomes a sign of continuing a pattern of behavior that hearkens back to the days of communist rule.

A forceful response is required

Vladimir Putin is often called a ‘murderous dictator’. His ideologies significantly show that he’s no longer leading or advancing what can be called a Democratic State. In such a crucial time, American President Donald Trump needs to make a forceful response. Proper decisions need to be taken for carrying the Democratic state forward in the best way possible.

Protecting the country from the competitors

The United States and Russia have been tough competitors for several long years. The United States is the proverbial “cat.” When we are away, the mice will indeed play. To safeguard the country from the cunning eyes of the competitors like Russia is important. Better policies and efficient plans are highly essential. In the era of power play, honesty shall be made the top priority.

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