Jerry Harris, Netflix ‘cheer’ star under FBI investigation

Jerry Harris
Jerry Harris

Jerry Harris, the Netflix series Cheer that was way round popular and hotted the Internet is now once again in news. The news is not for the series, but for the Cheer Star Jerry Harris. Two boys alleged the Cheer star for exploiting them and harassing their dignity. The allegation is pretty serious as reported by sources. The age of the star was back then 19. Some of the chats of the star were also reveled on Social Media claiming him asking for sexual content. But the 21-year-old guy is not criminally charged as far.

Jerry Harris, spokesperson claims

The issue grabbed the eyes of all the media and industry. The difficult times seems to have been started for the Cheer star. A spokesperson on behalf of  Harry stated-” At the time of alleged adjuration, the star was 19. That is back in May 2019. He also acclaimed the allegations do not involve any particulate physical contact by Harry. Adding on to his statement-  He further said- We are looking into the matter and waiting for the investigating agencies to do their work. The truth will be revealed soon.”

FBI head its way to Jerry for investigation

FBI has started to investigate the issue. The angle to conduct the investigation is whether Jerry allegedly tried to exploit the minors or was it the other way back. FBI Agents executed a search warrant at home in  Naperville III to conduct their further investigation. Although the FBI has not released any further information or names of the people who were involved in the issue. The complaints were filed against Harry by a company called Varsity Brands. On Aug 1, the complaints were relayed to Florida Police Officials by Burton Bill hart. He serves as the Chief Legal Officer of the company. The complaint also included two screenshots where the text reveals the talk between two people where one is speculated, Harry. The conversations are offensive and exploiting.”Would you ever want to ****,” one message allegedly reads and appears to show a picture of Harris’ face, while the other screenshot – which is a series of text messages – indicates an exchange had on May 3, 2019, and allegedly shows a person named “Jerry Harris” as writing, “Hey BTW I found a place for us to do stuff it’s actually pretty good haha.” As a result of this, Varsity banned Harry. All the tie-ups have been canceled. And further engagements are stopped hereby. Says Burton Bill hart.

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