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Ice Age cave bear found in Arctic Russia, Isn’t it amazing?

Apparently, Ice Age cave bear found by Reindeer herders in a Russian Archipelago. As per the reports, the bear's teeth and its nose intact.

Forest are animals home. Basically, we have forgotten about greenery, forest, wildlife. We are so busy in our life that we don’t have time to think about the world. Currently, the world is in danger. Basically, we cut the tree in the name of modernization. Eventually, animals lost their homes with this. Adding to that, animals become endangered. Reportedly, several species of animals have already died. Recently, Ice Age cave bear’s remains are found.

Ice Age cave bear’s discovery

Apparently, Ice Age cave bear found by Reindeer herders in a Russian Archipelago. As per the reports, the bear’s teeth and its nose intact. Isn’t it amazing? Reportedly, this bear was found on Bolshoy Lyakhovsky Islands. Moreover, this island is the largest of the Lyakhovsky Island.

Details about the bear

As per the reports, this bear lived about 22,000 to 39,500 years ago. Surprisingly, earlier scientists have also discovered the bone of the cave bear. Furthermore, this bear bone became extinct 15,000 years ago. Reportedly, this bear can be 39,500-year-old as per the scientists.

Scientist and researchers say on this

Accordingly, scientists and researchers are very happy about this discovery. North-Eastern Federal University, Yakutsk has hailed the finding as “groundbreaking”. Lena Grigorieva , researcher of the university gives a statement. Reportedly, in the statement, he mentions that this is the first every discovery in itself. Basically, this the first time that complete cave bear carcass including soft tissues.

Surprisingly, this Ice Age Cave bear is completely preserved with all internal organs in place. Hopefully, this discovery of the Ice Age Cave bear is of great use for the world.

Moreover, it’s a great discovery. Ice Age Caves bear’s used live many years ago. Apparently, scientists are very excited about this discovery.  Animals species are in danger because we cut trees. Eventually, they come to cities and died or captured. This is a complete chain. And it is happening in the whole world. We need to take care of it and save many other endangered species. Let’s take a pledge of saving animal habitats. Eventually, pollution problems, global warming will solve automatically. Save animals! Save the planet!