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Hurricane Sally strengthens, Gulf of Mexico, possibly a Category 3

Hurricane Sally strengthens in Gulf of Mexico, possibly a Category 3 hurricane

Hurricane Sally is steadily moving towards the northern Gulf Coast of the United States. Reportedly, it will affect Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi majorly. It is forecast to push ashore a surge of up to 11 feet. Moreover, it is expected to rain heavily through Wednesday. Furthermore, the state of Louisiana is still recovering from the after-effects of Hurricane Laura.

As predicted, Hurricane Sally is supposedly near the southern Louisiana coast and will make landfall on the Gulf Coast sometime on Tuesday. It is very likely to turn into a Category 3 hurricane soon. As the storm shifted east early Monday, the coastal regions of Mississipi and Alabama are also under a hurricane warning now. Hurricane warnings now stretch from Morgan City, Louisiana, eastward into Florida, at the Okaloosa/Walton County line.

Further updates on Hurricane Sally

Allegedly, Hurricane Sally is the second strong storm to threaten the region within a month. Late on Monday, the National Hurricane Center reported that the winds have increased to 155kph (100 mph) east of the Mississippi River. It is expected to hit the Alabama and Mississippi coasts with raging wind speeds up to 178kph (110 mph). Hurricanes have the potential to cause significant damage once they hit 179kph (111 mph). Hence, if Hurricane Sally continues at the same speed, it will possibly become a Category 3 hurricane.

At 8pm on Monday, Sally was tracked 135 miles southeast of Biloxi, Mississippi. It was moving west-northwest at 5mph. Hurricane-force-winds expanded 25 miles from the center, and tropical-storm-force winds extended outward about 125 miles.

Emergency in parts of Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi

President Donald Trump has declared an emergency in parts of Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi. On Monday, he took to Twitter and urged people to listen to the state and local leaders. Mayors and Governors have warned the residents of their respective states to look out for tremendous flooding in the upcoming days. They have also asked them to be prepared for prolonged power outages.

Following the emergency, ports, schools, and businesses along the coastal lines have shut down. The US Coast Guard restricted travel on the lower Mississippi River in New Orleans to the Gulf. Further, they have also closed the ports of Pascagoula and Gulfport, Mississippi, and Mobile, Alabama.

Additionally, officials have declared mandatory evacuations in certain regions. Moreover, medical shelter facilities have also been specially put up for the storm. However, keeping COVID-19 in mind, the shelters will be working at 50% capacity and will follow all social distancing norms.

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